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Cyber Security Game

Frustrated by the lack of hands-on skills among newly placed cyber security hires, Eric Basu, CEO, Haiku Inc, is a former Navy SEAL who founded Haiku. In partnership with Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) and the Terranova Defense Group our organizations are working together globally to create the new future of cyber education in the digital world that can be modified for CSGAs AI Driven, Web3 and Metaverse projects. Cyber Security Game.

Haiku is the first cyber security game designed to build the skills critical to maintaining cyber resilience against all cyber threats. Not with boring PowerPoints or video lectures, but with an immersive game that is challenging, yet fun!

Haiku has now launched an enterprise version of the game, giving you a powerful set of tools using learning engineering techniques pioneered by Carnegie-Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Institute. Haiku gets students “in the flow” immediately, which increases information retention by up to 500%. Other features to make your cyber talent management efforts easier.

Next Generation Cyber Certification Gaming Software

Haiku’s Next Generation Cyber Certification Gaming Software tracks all skills to the NICE Framework and export to Canvas LMS. We start at a basic level; students with zero command-line experience learn immediately.

Advanced training in cloud-based ranges in offensive, defensive, and forensic cybersecurity. Compatible with CSGAs Cyber Range and Cyber Drill Platforms in partnership with TOAR and MITRE Engenuity.

“All Cybersecurity Education that is offered through Cyber Security Global Alliance is offers Cutting-Edge Technology, answering all the needs and requirements for people with various challenges to obtain a strong career in cybersecurity globally” ~ James Castle.

Recently, Haiku was recently named Fast Company Magazine’s “Innovation by Design Winner for Security for 2023!”.

For more information on ordering your Discounted Copy of Haiku today, CSGA Haiku Games Division:

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