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STEM Einstein Fellow

STEM Teachers Designated as Albert Einstein Educator Fellows

Fifteen K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers from across the United States have been named 2022-2023 Albert Einstein

Space Exploration Educator Conference

Space Exploration Educators Conference

Space Center Houston is inviting innovative content driven presentations tied to space exploration which include at least one hands-on component.

STEM talent retention

U.S. Needs to Prioritize Recruiting, Retaining Top STEM Talent

The race for peak innovation and technological advancements globally is on, and America’s greatest competitors like China are on a


Mark Trzeciak – Technical Education Podcast Ep. 2

Subscribe to the Technical Education Podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and more! About this episode Tom Shaw sits down with Mark

STEM Pilot Program

Students Teach Students with STEM Pilot Program

The Students Teaching Students STEM Pilot Program is a new model that helps sixth-grade students teach their second-grade peers to

Cleco’s Power Wise energy efficiency efforts,

Home Energy Kits to Sixth Grade Students from Cleco Power

With over 3,000 energy efficiency home kits being shipped to schools in Cleco’s service territory this year, the Cleco Power

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