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Honours Bachelor of Engineering

Honours Bachelor of Engineering

Emily Rachel Droppo graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering, Western University, 2019 P.Eng. She currently works

Celebrating Wome in STEM

Celebrating Women in STEM

In today’s rapidly changing digital age, there is an increasing demand for children to be well-versed in Science, Technology, Engineering,

Science Olympiad Prepares Innovators

Science Olympiad Prepares Innovators

Approximately 1,800 students from across the United States, Canada and Japan will travel to Wichita State in May 2023 for

Penn K-12 STEM Outreach

Penn K-12 STEM Outreach

Thanks to a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Penn College is launching a STEM outreach program that will

SpaceGrant to STEM Careers

SpaceGrant To STEM Careers

NC Space Grant has a long-standing partnership with the North Carolina Community College System — collaborations largely facilitated by Matt

CTE Innovation Center

$12.7M CTE Innovation Center

The CTE Innovation Center $12.7 million, 29,145 square foot facility is scheduled to open in August 2023 and will be located

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