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The Pandemic is impacting life in all aspects, and learning is no exception.  Educative, the leading interactive learning platform for software developers, has seen quite a shift in its usage by students in a number of categories during the pandemic. Leading the stats is a 65% increase in intro courses, a 73% increase in the 18-24 age group, and a 110% increase in female users, as well as a decrease in tech cities SF/Seattle and an increase in other parts of the country.

Educative is unique in that it specializes in offering software developers courses that are designed and created by software developers. It helps them learn faster, with courses that are text-based instead of video-based, a proven better method of learning. In addition to individuals taking courses, bootcamps, universities, and tech companies also utilize Educative’s courses to enhance student and employee learning.

More than 395,000 users from over 200 countries have registered on the Educative platform since it launched in March 2016. Taking a look at how COVID-19 has impacted learning, Educative compared data in Q2 (Apr-Jun) vs. Q1 (Jan-Mar) of 2020. Here are the results.

Key Findings:

  • Demand for “intro level” courses was up 65%         Within that, the demand for intro-level on the most common new technologies for new developers, which are Python and Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/JS), was up nearly 130%.
  • Meanwhile, demand for interview-prep courses actually declined 1-2%, likely reflecting the slowdown in hiring.
  • However, bucking trend: one of the most popular courses was a recently launched Behavioral Interview prep course for software developers that has a strong emphasis on best practices for online/remote interviews.

Quantity of users

  • Educative saw an increase in the number of newly registered users by 60%.
  • Educative saw an increase in unpaid new users of 65%. The number of paying users only went up by much less. This reflects the increase in demand intro-level content mentioned above, as well as the likely constraints on people’s economic situations.


  • In absolute terms, they saw the largest increase in new users in the 18-24 age group. (a 73% increase vs. Q1.) This could very well reflect the changing environment for students and recent grads needing to supplement their learning with external materials. It is also likely this group that had the most dramatic changes to their daily structure and amount of free time.
  • By gender, Educative saw a 110% increase in the percentage of female users, compared to an approximately 50% increase in male users. This speaks to a greater shift caused by the pandemic with more diverse learners using online resources to maximize their economic opportunity.


  • By country, India was the largest source of new customers with 17,000 more new accounts in Q2 than in Q1 (103% growth.) They also saw a 98% growth in the UK – both countries hit by major shutdowns due to the pandemic in Q2.
  • Within the US, Educative saw a decline in new users from traditional tech hubs like the SF/San Jose area and Seattle (down 13%). However, areas outside of the Bay Area and Seattle growth grew by 60%.

Educative was made from the ground up for professional and aspiring software engineers looking to upskill on in-demand technologies. Unlike other platforms, which tend to be video-based and one-directional, Educative’s courses feature pre-configured coding environments that allow learners to test their skills and code in-browser. In addition, the courses are all text-based, which allows learners to dictate the pace and easily skip through parts they already know, almost like a book. Educative currently hosts over 165 software courses covering a wide range of topics from CSS to System Design.

About Educative

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Educative is an interactive online learning platform designed for the unique needs of software developers. It was co-founded by Fahim ul Haq and Naeem Ul Haq, former engineers at Microsoft and Facebook, who realized that the one size fits all tutorials and online forums developers rely on to learn new languages and update skills were not meeting the needs of today’s software engineers. Used by individuals and tech companies alike, Educative’s interactive, text-based courses help software developers learn more quickly and efficiently than any other platform. To learn more about the company, visit their website at

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