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Montana Trade Education Credit Bill

Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill in Missoula that’s aimed at expanding trades education across the state.

Surrounded by construction workers at the Scheels worksite at Southgate Mall, the governor addressed Montana’s growing need for trade workers.

The Montana Trades Education Credit bill (M-TEC) will provide $1 million per year and 50% credits to businesses for their employees to learn a trade. The funding will support as many as 1,000 scholarships annually, which Gov. Gianforte said will bolster both the employee and the employer.

“There’s a lot of work for trade folks,” said Gianforte. “We need more carpenters, plumbers, electricians … these are great paying jobs, but you need to acquire skills, and that’s why this M-TEC scholarship is so important to help Montana’s small businesses invest in their employees to acquire skills so we can build stuff.”

“Montana faces a skilled labor shortage,” said Gianforte. “A four year college degree isn’t for everyone. Montana needs carpenters, electricians, plumbers, machinists and pipe fitters. We ought to ensure that Montanans have access to the training and education they need to acquire and refine these skills. That’s why I’m really proud to be signing this M-Tech trades education bill here today.”

Signing this bill was one of the governor’s goals outlined in his Roadmap to the Montana Comeback budget.

“Yes, when you acquire skills such as carpentry, electrical and plumbing, these are good paying jobs,” he said. “These are jobs that allow you to live out the American dream. And that’s what the M-Tech program is all about. This will provide up to 1,000 fifty percent scholarships per year as an incentive to Montana small businesses to invest in their employees.”

Source: Gianforte Signs Trades Education Bill at Scheels Store Site |

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