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HVAC Training Online from ESCO Institute

The HVACR industry has quickly transformed from an electromechanically-based to a digitally-based environment. It is a high tech industry that requires that its workers have a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background in order to become successful.

Significant technological changes to the industry include: coupling equipment to Wi-Fi technology, digital gauges and instrumentation, data center cooling technologies, ductless split systems, variable refrigerant flow systems, and variable refrigerant temperature control strategies.

As instructors are being asked to prepare students for entry into an industry that is very different than the one they themselves worked in, they need the resources to meet the needs of the ever-changing HVACR industry. The HVACR Education Resource Network can provide valuable assistance with the creation of a brand new program, or help elevate an existing program to a higher level.

To assist HVACR students and technicians in continuing their education, ESCO Institute is hosting FREE webinars. On-demand: Immediate access to recorded content. Live: Scheduled training which will later be added to the on-demand section.


HVACR and plumbing educational programs located in high schools, community colleges, trade schools, or apprenticeship programs will find this training can easily be integrated into your program or can be used as a stand-alone course.

Visit to learn about remote-proctored testing solutions, attend our free webinars, and discover the digital options that are available for many of our training resources.


Progressive Levels of Certification

Stackable Credentials

HVAC in Technical Education
HVAC Technical Education

Throughout each stage of a person’s career (student-technician-instructor) in the HVACR industry, they take “Stackable” progressive levels of certification. They do so to validate if they have the retained knowledge in a given area or need additional training.

What makes our organization unique is that we offer portable and stackable credentials at all levels and stages in the careers of those in the HVACR industry.

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