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With VEXcode VR, Any Educator Can Teach Computer Science

VEXcode VR, 3 million students, representing over 150 countries, are learning computer science (CS).  The success has led VEX Robotics to take VEXcode VR even further, making learning accessible, fun, and authentic for all.

“VEX Robotics has always believed in bold innovation and creativity.  VEXcode VR epitomizes those values. says Bob Mimlitch, CTO at VEX Robotics. We’re excited to expose students to cutting edge concepts, like Artificial Intelligence and Data Science”.

Enhanced and Advanced

Enhanced and Advanced will feature new and more engaging playgrounds, while still not requiring student passwords or any installation. VEXcode VR can reach beginning learners with blocks and help more experienced coders switch to python. Then expose advanced users to learning emerging CS technologies. VEX Robotics’s commitment to teaching all students CS has led to students completing over 4 million hours of coding.

“At VEX, we are proud of the fact that we have changed STEM education. We’ve worked hard over the past few years to create the first STEM continuum, so students across all ages and grade levels can experience high-quality learning. Now, with VEXcode VR we are going to do the same with computer science education. Every student in every school should have the opportunity to not just learn CS, but to have fun, collaborate with their friends, and be curious and creative while learning CS.” says Tony Norman, CEO at VEX Robotics.


VEXcode VR integrates curriculum, detailed lesson plans, teacher professional development and a professional learning community together to expand who can teach CS. Teachers also know that the transition from Block coding to Textual coding is a challenge for students. As a result, VEX Robotics spent the last 5 years developing and patenting a solution to the challenges of block to text transition. This fall VEX Robotics will reveal VEXcode Switch, a means of easing students through the transition with confidence. Learn more at

About VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics is the leading provider of educational and competitive robotics products to schools, universities, and robotics teams around the world. VEX Robotics also hosts the World’s largest robotics competition with over 25,000 teams globally. From Kindergarten to Career, the VEX Robotics platforms 123, GO, IQ, EXP, V5, Workcell, VEXcode VR and VEXpro provide millions of educators and students with accessible, scalable, and affordable robotics solutions. VEX Robotics provides the perfect organizer to teach integrated STEM, while fostering creativity, teamwork, leadership and problem solving.

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