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Thomas Launches New Hiring Resource Hubs for Employers, Job Seekers

For years now, Thomas Insights has reported on the industry skills gap. We’ve published reports, highlighted events like Manufacturing DayIntroduce a Girl to Engineering Day, and National Apprenticeship Week, and have provided actionable guides to both younger generations and industry employers on what they can do to bridge the gap and attract new talent.

Today, Thomas is taking its efforts one step further. We’re launching two Thomas Hiring Resource Hubs: an Industrial Employer Resource Hub for business leaders looking for new candidates and an Industrial Job Seeker Resource Hub for industry professionals looking for their next opportunity. Focused compilations of valuable resources for both job seekers and employers, the Hubs aim to help industry professionals on both sides of the hiring process unlock industry’s greatest potential by helping job seekers find their next role and, in turn, helping employers build an accomplished, ambitious workforce.

“We’re excited to unveil our new Thomas Hiring Resource Hubs. Manufacturing is a growing, vibrant, high-tech industry that has a significant skills shortage. We’re thrilled to connect skilled professionals with business leaders looking to expand their diverse workforces,” said Thomas President and CEO, Tony Uphoff. “As the leading platform for industrial buyers and sellers, our data shows 38% of industrial companies are currently hiring and many offer apprenticeship opportunities, so we’ve tailored these Hubs to specifically meet the growing demand for talented workers to fill new collar jobs.”

How to Use the New Thomas Hiring Resource Hubs

The Thomas Insights team has developed a “guide-to-the-guide” that includes our team’s tips and tricks for navigating the Hubs, and some of the resources accessible to employers and job seekers.

Resources For Employers

Thomas’ Industrial Employer Resource Hub for industrial employers now offers the opportunity for your industrial businesses to post job openings, which will be viewable on the Hiring Resource Hub for Job Seekers, along with distributed within Thomas’ network of industrial buyers and sellers in an effort to match the perfect job seeker to your unique opening.

Employers will also have access to resources for attracting talent through apprenticeships and internships, selecting the right candidate, onboarding, maximizing efficiency, and meeting diversity goals.

For access to these resources or to post the job description for an open position at your industrial business, visit the Hub for Employers here

Resources for Job Seekers

With Thomas’ Industrial Job Seeker Resource Hub, finding your dream job in industry is now easier than ever. Seekers will have access to a selection of job postings submitted by companies of all sizes from the Thomas network across multiple industries and nationwide locations.

Job seekers will also have a curated list of actionable guides for putting their best foot forward with resume updates, interview skills, and long-term professional development. The Hub even includes tips on navigating potentially challenging conversations with employers. The Industrial Job Seeker Resource Hub answers questions like:

  • How do I write an industrial resume/cover letter?
  • How can I ace an industrial interview?
  • What are some best practices for successful industry professionals, including those working remotely?

For access to these resources, job postings, and more information, visit the Hub for Job Seekers here

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