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The Future of Work

Partnerships among employers and educators have never been more important than today, as the country faces significant challenges in the preparation of its future workforce.

Technology advances are changing industries at an unprecedented pace, demanding an expanding array of knowledge, skills, and abilities from technicians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

The workplace is undergoing a major transformation, driven by the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), cyber security and advanced digitalization in the manufacturing sector.

The National Science Foundation has established The Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier program as one of its 10 Big Ideas to push forward the frontiers of U.S. research and provide innovative approaches to solve some of the most pressing problems the country faces.

I am proud that Gateway Technical College has been selected to serve on the panel of advisers for this national study. Hope Cotner, president and CEO for the Center for Occupational Research and Development located in Waco, Texas, and project director, stated that “Gateway Technical College is a transformational college with some of our nation’s best business and education partnerships.”

Serving on National Science Foundation Future of Work advisory board will bring new strategies to our college and strengthen our local workforce programming.

Gateway is currently expanding programs in advanced manufacturing and engineering to include machine language, smart sensors, data analytics and additive manufacturing processes. Together with the current work of our faculty and business partners, along with the research frontier of the National Science Foundation, our college will maintain its competitive edge in the battle for highly skilled technicians for the Future of Work.

Bryan Albrecht

Bryan Albrecht is president and CEO of Gateway Technical College.

Tom Shaw

Technical Education Post, Online Publisher

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