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STEM for ALL 2020 Video Showcase

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More than 170 federally funded projects, highlighting innovations in STEM education, share short videos of their work. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the general public are invited to post to the discussions. Share your perspectives, ideas and feedback. Vote for your favorites. Voting and discussion ends on May 12 at 8PM EDT.
Research projects involving ETS research featured in NSF’s STEMFORALL
On May 5-12, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will share videos with the public at an online event called the 2020 STEM for All Video Showcase. The videos describe projects in science, mathematics, engineering and computer science education. 200 federally research projects were funded by NSF in this program. 3 of the videos involve ETS researchers:
* Developing Tools to Assess and Build Elementary Pre-Service Teachers’ Content Knowledge for Teaching about Matter and Its Interactions.
Jamie Mikeska, Katherine Castellano and Dante Cisterna from ETS collaborated with Western Washington University on this project.
* In the Sandbox: Learning from Simulated Teaching
Heather Howell and Jamie Mikeska, worked with Mursion for this project.
* Practitioners’ Use of the Five-Step Curricular Process to Support Instruction of the Concept of Function.
Edith Aurora Graf, Sarah Ohls, and Peter van Rijn from ETS worked with the Algebra Project, the Young People’s Project and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on this project. #stem

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