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Solutions to Keep Your CTE Program on Track During Closures

Many schools are in the process of implementing virtual learning environments. In an effort to help face this challenge, we are working to provide solutions to affected schools.

iCEV offers a variety of resources to help schools transition to distance learning when the need arises. Learn how to use the curriculum platform to shift your classes to a distance learning model using the Distance Learning Strategies Guide and other resources.

The curriculum features everything you need to start teaching right away. Each presentation is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan, projects and activities, handouts, assessments and more. A stand-alone curriculum resource, or supplement your current curriculum. You can easily customize courses by adding or removing lessons based on your needs. With our vast content library of Career & Technical Education topics, it is simple for you to teach a range of courses with a single license. Plus, everything is in one place, so you and your students stay organized. Ensure your learning objectives and the assessments of those learning objectives are aligned to the latest state and national standards with the constantly updated curriculum platform.

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