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Science Kits: A Tool for Homeschooling

There are plenty of online resources for kids, but what about physical ones?

​From Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Khan Academy, Scholastic Learning, Storyline, Lakeshore, and many, many more, there is a world of online libraries available to support both children and parents homeschooling during COVID-19 [1].

​As COVID-19 pushes everything to go increasingly digital, we don’t want you to forget an importance of hands-on education! Yes, that can even mean making a cake to learn about how several different ingredients mix together to make one delicious dessert.

Hands-on instruction is what brings life to our science classrooms by allowing kids to discover how concepts work in the real world! ​

The online experience may take away from the needed physical aspects of science classes, but it does not have to. When you start getting tired of making baked goods to teach your science classes, start using science kits as a tool for homeschooling. You can add some fun change to home learning, and you don’t put on nearly half the weight!

Not everyone learns the same. Your child may be a kinesthetic learner: they learn through carrying out physical actions rather than watching demonstrations. As a result, it may be harder to retain their attention while watching a lot of lectures on a computer screen.

Enter science and STEM kits! Science and STEM kits offer that physical experience partnering well with lectures. It is not just for kinesthetic learners either! All students can benefit from a physical demonstration; whether on an individual or class basis, a science kit is sure to bolster your homeschooling experience by adding another dimension to learning.

In these extraordinary times, we have many different priorities. Sometimes DIY activities simply are not anywhere near the top of that list; they may be time consuming and require materials that are not easy to get or come across right now.

If you do have the materials, check out some DIY science projects you can do at home!

​With a science kit, all the instructions and materials are all housed in one convenient box. It saves you time and hassle, allowing you to extract great experiences with ease.

​If you are looking to invest in a science kit, you need a quality product with plentiful lessons and lots of room for discovery.

​A CME solar4STEM kit is just that and more! With premium construction, lessons designed to your curriculum, as well as mess and frustration free equipment, a solar4STEM kit is what you need to create meaningful homeschooling experiences!


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