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Otsego Schools Solar Power Project

Otsego Public Schools and Sun FundED, an Indiana-based education services company, partnered to bring alternative energy and energy savings to the district along with educational opportunities for students.

The school district projects cost savings of $5 million over the next 25 years as a result of the project. Construction of solar arrays on roofs of the district’s building and on other school properties will begin in November, the release said.

“(Otsego Public Schools) was looking for additional opportunities to reduce costs and save energy,” Superintendent Jeff Haase said. “Sun FundED called at the right time and their mission falls right in line with ours. Not only do they provide the alternative energy we were looking for, but an important educational component for our students which was extremely appealing.”

The educational program for students includes an interactive kiosk and a web-based platform for the classroom — focused on sustainability, academics, marketplace and innovation.

“Sun FundED helps position Otsego as a leader in classroom programming for energy, engineering, solar power and sustainability, while laying a solid foundation for new educational opportunities for students to meet the demands of a growing and changing energy industry in Michigan and across the country,” said Kelly Hipskind, co-founder of Sun FundED.

The Otsego Board of Education signed an agreement with the solar company in August 2019. The district is working to install outdoor lighting using more energy-efficient LEDs, and has also invested in more energy efficient HVAC systems, the release said.


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