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Opportunity for HVACR Professionals

Across the United States, there is a growing trend towards electrification and decarbonization. What this mean for the HVACR industry is…opportunity! Opportunity for HVACR Professionals.

The United States Department of Energy, along with their international counterparts, and states are putting forth initiatives for decarbonization and electrification. As we transition from fossil fuels towards more efficient systems, there will be great opportunities for HVACR professionals who take the time to learn about these innovative systems.

It is not just California making this transition, it is all of us. Colorado, Washington, New York, and other cold climate states have recently begun their transition to electric heat pumps.

As cold climate states that depend on gas furnaces make this change, HVACR professionals should look at this as an opportunity to educate themselves. Those who have the training will be able to participate in the utility incentive programs and grow their businesses.

This ESCO news brief is intended to keep you apprised of important changes that will impact HVACR professionals. We invite you to stay in the know with ESCO Institute’s weekly webcast! Opportunity for HVACR Professionals.

Howard Weiss

I work with educational programs to make certain their programs possess the resources, and administrative support, to prepare students for entry-level positions in the HVACR and building science fields.

As an advocate for Career and Technical Education, I spend much of my time assisting instructors in aligning their programs to national standards, earning educator credentials, obtaining professional development, and obtaining the tools that help their students succeed.

In my various roles with ESCO Group, I have had the opportunity to lead the standards committee for programmatic accreditation. Chair the National HVACR Education Conference to further our industry. Some of the groups I have been our liaison to include the United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Education, Western HVAC Performance Alliance, and National Institute of Building Sciences.

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Executive Vice President

ESCO Institute

 – Present27 years

Howard works with HVACR and Building Science educational programs to meet national standards. This includes but is not limited to assisting instructors through programmatic accreditation. Educator credentialing, student outcome assessments, portable and stackable credentials, curriculum, and professional development.

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