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Mitutoyo America Partners with Atlantic Technical College

Measurement and inspection solution provider Mitutoyo America Corp. has partnered with Atlantic Technical College in Broward County, Fla., as a major supplier and supporter of its Machining Technology course.

Atlantic Technical College is a magnet school and one of three technical colleges, which are all part of the Broward County Public School System. The campus trains junior and senior high school students and adults during the day program. The college also runs a machining apprenticeship program in the evening.

The Machining Technology Class provides students with an industry overview, teaches how to set up and operate machines, including CNC machines, micrometers, and gauges, and provides the basics of CNC programming, use of CAD/CAM processes, and set up and performance of advanced level machining.

“We have seen an increased interest in the program over the last few years, as more students recognize that a trade can be a great long-term career,” states Kevin Finan, the Machining Technology Instructor. Finan has been an instructor for eight years after working in the industry for 25 years. “The program is a great opportunity to learn a skill set that is very much needed today.” The program can accept 24 high school students (split between juniors and seniors) and twelve adult students every school year.

Finan was looking to improve the equipment in his classes and specifically wanted to add a CMM to the program. The Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555, which is the company’s newest, fastest, and most compact shop floor CNC CMM, is ideal for students, according to Mitutoyo.

“Metrology is a significant part of the success of every industry ranging from automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer goods,” said Matt Dye, president of Mitutoyo America Corp. “Precision measurement provides critical data for improving the manufacturing process, which is why Mitutoyo has a strong focus on helping educate the workforce and future generations at all experience levels. We are excited to support programs such as Atlantic Technical College. This course work will provide invaluable training and help lay the foundation for a successful career path.”

Finan worked with Mitutoyo America distributor Chris Sudetic, from Measurement Supply Co. to purchase and install the MiSTAR 555 and provide support throughout the process. The class also works with other Mitutoyo tools and equipment on the shop floor, including micrometers, calipers, height gages and other measuring instruments.

“I love working with schools because the future is right on this shop floor, and it’s been especially gratifying to see so many adults learn new skills and find a whole new career for themselves,” Sudetic said. “I totally appreciate a machine trades program that has a large portion of their curriculum dedicated to metrology; everything from basic hand tool measurement to CMM’s measuring 3D data. We need more of these types of facilities to help fill the multitude of open quality control jobs throughout the manufacturing sector.”

For more information about Mitutoyo’s partnership with Atlantic Technical College, contact Larry Andersen,

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