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Micro-Credentials and Technical Learning

Innovation is key to developing new technology, and innovation comes from creative minds who can apply conceptual, technical knowledge in different contexts. So, where does one gain this new conceptual, technical knowledge? We believe it comes from programs that empower learners with technical concepts taught in programs like Tech Ed, STEM, and CTE. The earlier learners grasp these concepts, the more likely the concepts can be applied. To assist teachers in bringing these technical concepts to life, NOCTI, formerly the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute, has partnered with several industry experts and organizations to bring micro-credentials to life.

Micro-credentials provide the opportunity for learners of any age to confirm their familiarity with a discrete, targeted set of knowledge and skills within an occupation. NOCTI’s micro-credentials are based on nationally validated, industry-based standards and competencies; teachers with vetted industry experience assemble the content. These micro-credentials can serve as learning aids, formative assessments, knowledge checks, validation of competence, or as a means of exploring a particular occupation. All learners can benefit from the opportunity to share a credential earned for a targeted set of skills within their career path.  Micro-credentials can also serve as a resource for asynchronous, hybrid, or synchronous learning, whether within a traditional Tech Ed program or other specialized educational programs and populations.  

NOCTI’s micro-credentials are delivered across a system of integrated platforms, including a robust learning management system that houses videos, pretests, post-tests, and other resources. The second platform consists of an online teacher-proctored testing engine to validate students’ knowledge and skills. Third, students are rewarded and recognized for their skills through a digital badging platform. We are developing micro-credentials for exciting topics like investigating a crime scene and design basics in additive manufacturing. To see a complete list of available topics, click here or reach out at 

Technical Learning with Micro-Credentials



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