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MagicJellyBean Educational Program

GOWIN Semiconductor Corp. announces new hardware and software offerings in their MagicJellyBean educational program.

GOWIN introduces the MJB™ development board specifically designed for an edge AI learning experience in the education and maker community. This development board enables a seamless connection between programmable logic devices and embedded processors. With both HDMI Rx and Tx interface, users can develop and test their ML models on this board alone. In addition, three accessory boards are offered to help you to deploy various models for different types of data sources: MJB™ camera, MJB™ microphone, and MJB™ accelerometer. All these boards can be purchased at the Amazon GOWIN store near you.

MJB™ IDE Software

Next, the MJB™ IDE software is an integrated development environment built for MJB machine learning. MJB software integrates with TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite frameworks to automatically generate AI hardware convolution architectures, MCU C/C++ for driving AI acceleration, and FPGA bitstreams with various sensor inputs. This allows you to deploy machine learning models directly to MJB Board and MJB Mini Board without any FPGA RTL or MCU C/C++ programming. You can download this free software from No License is required.

Lastly, the GOWIN Education version of EDA tools support the FPGA used in MJB™. This allows advanced users to design their MCU+NPU hardware architecture in the FPGA. Significant flexibility is needed in most education programs; GOWIN’s tools allow users to configure the FPGA for their desired application.

“Our focus will be catering to an array of programmers,” said Andrew Dudaronek, Program Director of MagicJellyBean, GOWIN Semiconductor. “Designers will be able to dive into the basics of training a model which will introduce them to TensorFlow. Designers will have an outlet to play with firmware and will have a way to update the C code directly.”

If you are a student diving into FPGAs or a professor looking to start up an FPGA class, MJB™ is a partner and enabler of FPGA educational platforms for universities around the world. is an organization established to enable hobbyists, academic researchers and electronic enthusiasts with FPGA and microcontroller capabilities for embedded edge electronics projects. The intent is to create a community of like-minded individuals who can share ideas, projects and wisdom in the FPGA and microcontroller field through an affordable and easy to use platform.

GOWIN Semiconductor Corp. announces new offerings in MagicJellyBean educational program.

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