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Learning HVACR Just Got Easier

Being on the front lines of education, we know that the HVACR industry is reinventing how training is prepared, delivered and consumed, to meet the needs of our students, technicians and customers. A few months ago, we created and implemented an exciting new training platform, with multiple options, to meet the needs of industry professionals, as well those preparing to embark on HVACR careers, called the ESCO Learning Network (ELN).

ELN is a destination where individuals can obtain information, access digital curriculum, immersive learning, streaming videos, watch webinars, find industry news, and participate in live events – confident that the information being presented is of the highest quality and has been properly vetted. In addition, many of the programs allow one to earn and download a continuing education unit certificate upon completion of a course.

Listed below are some of the channels now available on ELN. We invite you to take create a free account and take a look around.


ESCO Institute

Instructors incorporate various teaching methodologies into their training. Students are encouraged to use multiple senses to read content, hear content, and ultimately practice what they are learning through questions, quizzes and other assessment tools. These same techniques used in the classroom are now being integrated into what is collectively referred to as immersive learning, where learning is approached from many different angles, allowing a person to learn the content in various ways. ESCO Institute is converting many of its leading titles into immersive learning resources.

Honeywell Refrigerant Training

Honeywell is offering a new remote learning series designed to help existing and aspiring HVACR professionals navigate the complicated world of refrigerants. This series covers a wide range of topics including the history of refrigerants, refrigerant classifications, and the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. Industry experts both inside and outside Honeywell will present material to HVACR students, field service personnel and other industry professionals.

HVACR Training Videos

For nearly 40 years, HVACR students, technicians, instructors and contractors have relied on Jim Johnson’s videos, articles, and teachings to better their understanding of fundamental concepts to advance their careers.

Learning from one of the Technical Training Associates videos is easier than ever before, as they are now available for instant streaming on ELN.

Customer Service & Soft Skills Training

Providing customer service and soft skills training just got easier, as customer service expert and author Steve Coscia has made his customer service training series available on the ESCO Learning Network.

Coscia is the most widely published and quoted customer service expert in the mechanical trades industry. Thousands of trade professionals rely on his instruction, while his curriculum has been adopted by more than 200 colleges. Steve’s online courses are among the most effective and affordable resources in the industry.


In this area you will find dozens of sessions on a wide range of topics. The webinars bring industry-leading authors and manufacturers directly to your students, delivering content specific to the curriculum you offer. Your students are strongly encouraged to create free accounts using their real names. At the end of each presentation, they will be prompted to download a free certificate of completion. These certificates can be emailed to their instructors, printed at home, or added to a student’s workfolio.

Workbench Series

Learning the tricks of the trade from industry experts just got easier. No more scouring the internet looking for reliable content. Created by respected industry professionals, the workbench series is a compilation of short, concise videos targeting specific aspect of what the average HVACR service technician is likely to encounter in the field.

Whether you’re in between service calls, or just learning the HVACR industry, the workbench series is an essential tool for all HVACR professionals.

More channels are being added regularly. Be sure to check back frequently to check out what’s new….

If you are looking to incorporate any or all of this content into your training programs, HVACR educators and trainers can contact us at 800-726-9696 to learn about various options in offering this content on your learning management system, website, etc.

Howard Weiss

Howard Weiss

Executive Vice President

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