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Harley-Davidson Partners With STEM101

STEM101 and Harley-Davidson are announcing that they have entered into a multi-year partnership to advance economic development by improving STEM literacy for all students.

The national non-profit STEM101 partners with various companies to develop real-world projects for educational outreach, community relations, and workforce pipeline development.  In this partnership, the MoCo and STEM101 are reaching out to students.  The program contains project resources designed to inspire them to pursue advanced STEM education and become ready for employment.

The STEM101 Connections Program develops custom curriculums featuring real-world projects that grow and hone STEM skills.  Students who participate in the program become better prepared and may gain an advantage in searching for high-quality jobs.

STEM101 programs start with middle and high school students.  Currently, there are nearly 3500 hours of blended learning and project-based activities.

For its part, Harley-Davidson will help develop course curriculums and provide students with Harley-Davidson employee mentors.  The mentors will highlight STEM careers as well as the keys to success.

Harley’s first course covers the field of electronics and the basics of electronic circuitry.  Students learn the difference between series and parallel circuits.

Ultimately, once students complete their chosen fields of study, they gain invaluable real-life experience that better prepares them to enter the workforce.  And they may develop industry connections that can help them find a job in their chosen field.

Congrats to both Harley-Davidson and STEM101 for their partnership to bring education to deserving students.

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