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Future of STEAM with EV

Young adventurers aged 12-17 spent their summer break exploring the exciting world of electric vehicles (EVs). At the EV Evolution Camp, using Infento provided a thrilling and educational summer camp program that promises to be a game-changer in the world of STEAM education. Future of STEAM with EV.

Unleash the Power of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation – S&P Global Mobility forecasts electric vehicle sales in the United States could reach 40 percent of total passenger car sales by 2030 and more optimistic projections foresee electric vehicle sales surpassing 50 percent by 2030.

The EV Evolution Camp offered students a chance to explore this world like never before. With electric vehicles gaining prominence worldwide, the camp provided a fantastic opportunity for students to understand the mechanics, engineering, and technology behind these cutting-edge machines.

Hands-On Experience with Infento

A highlight of the program was the hands-on experience with the groundbreaking product called Infento. Infento offers students the unique opportunity to build a life-sized electric vehicle from scratch. Through this incredible experience, participants will gain a profound understanding of how an electric vehicle works, right from its frame to its electric components.

Infento is not just a product; it’s an educational tool that bridges the gap between theory and practice. It empowers students to take charge of their learning, boosting their problem-solving skills, creativity, and technical knowledge. The sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with building their electric vehicle is unmatched and inspires a lifelong passion for STEAM.

The Future of STEAM

In today’s rapidly evolving world, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is more crucial than ever. We firmly believe that the future of STEAM lies in combining hands-on experience with coding skills and computational thinking. We encourage students to bridge the gap between areas of learning and understand how they complement one another.

Our program incorporates coding and computational thinking into the design and operation of electric vehicles. Students will learn to program the vehicle’s software, gaining insight into the importance of algorithms and logic in modern technology. This integrated approach helps them see the practical applications of their coding knowledge and instills a deep appreciation for the synergy between technology and engineering.

Don’t miss your chance to rev up your classroom and unlock the potential of the future of transportation. Infento and Miami EdTech bring STEAM to life with the power of electric vehicles and the spirit of innovation!

Source: Future of STEAM with EV

A revved Up Summer : Unleashing the Future of STEAM with Electric Vehicles and Infento!

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