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Ford University Training Efforts

A new strategy that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help train dealers on a new digital platform called “Ford University.” Ford University Training Efforts.

An Upgrade on Previous Efforts

Ford has revealed its latest, high-tech training method: Ford University. Described as a “streaming-like tool,” Ford plans to add new content on a daily basis, assisting its dealership employees in developing brand knowledge.

This includes everything from learning vehicle features and service requirements to understanding how to answer complex customer questions.

AI and Video Enhance “Emotional Stickiness”

Ford is leveraging AI in order to provide the most effective platform. Specifically, the company hopes to use this to scale the coaching function typical in training.

According to the Detroit News, certain assessments might use CoPilot AI and GPT to review a video clip of an employee responding to a customer question. The technology can provide constructive feedback, like telling the worker they’ve talked for too long, have used repetitive language, or suggest being more enthusiastic.

Video training, likewise, offers “emotional stickiness” and encourages employees to retain the information; a stark change from previous antiquated digital platforms and paper manuals.

Games, Prizes to Incentivize Workers

Dealers can use a “leaderboard” and potentially offer prizes to top-performing employees. Metrics are trackable and can help offer insight into what’s needed in terms of additional coaching.

To keep things fun, platform creators developed recurring characters to appear in simulated storylines emphasizing customer interactions where users get to choose what happens next.

Cutting Edge Training Efforts Key to Retaining Talent

The digital approach is augmented by in-person training to round out the effort. Ford hopes that addressing the workforce with intuitive, digital training methods will lead to a reduction in turnover.

One GM at a Ford dealership in Texas, Jennifer Yoder, believes a better-trained worker means a more satisfying work environment as well as better customer interactions. This ultimately leads to both employee and customer retention.

Source: Ford University Training Efforts

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