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Electrical Contractor Employment Opportunity

IEC Chesapeake is pleased to share that our Virginia Partners in the Community College and Workforce Development Communities have been awarded a grant from the Department of Labor’s Building Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs. Electrical Contractor Employment Opportunity.

A grant application to the Department of Labor’s Building Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs has been awarded in the amount of $5 million.

The awarded DOL funds will scale successful broadband infrastructure training from Northern Virginia Community College to six other community colleges:   Reynolds, Piedmont Virginia, Laurel Ridge, Southside Virginia, Germanna, Rappahannock

Also scaling programs from the other colleges back to NOVA.

Training and degree programs will help support the workforce needs of key project partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) specifically, and those of the larger broadband industry across the Commonwealth generally. The project this award funds will fall under the auspices of the Virginia Infrastructure Academy.

High Quality Training

The project will provide high-quality training along a career pathway focused on the skills, competencies, and credentials needed for middle- to high-skilled occupations in broadband infrastructure and help VCCS better align training and degree programs with broadband industry needs. Grant funds will also support assessment and assistance with wraparound services from community and campus programs, undertake culturally competent outreach and support for target populations, and further diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility at project campuses and among industry partners.

One key project element is funding of three regional coordinator positions that will be responsible for project implementation, program development, deliverables, communication, reporting, and college, employer, and partner engagement, among others.

In addition to the seven colleges and AWS mentioned above, project partners include Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), VCTA-Broadband Association of Virginia, the Virginia Departments of Housing and Community Development, Workforce Development and Advancement, Education, Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Social Services, Veteran Services, and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

IEC Chesapeake values our Educational Partners at Community College Workforce Alliance , J Sargeant Reynolds Community College ,and Germanna Community College in Virginia, and are excited to see what these funds will bring to both these Partners and IEC Chesapeake’s accredited Electrical Apprenticeship classes at these institutions.

Looking forward to what 2024 will bring to electrical apprenticeship in Virginia!

Apprenticeship Training Programs

You have a lot of options when planning your Educational Path. A good education leads you into new territories, arms you with solid skills that will support you for a lifetime, and helps you turn a passion into a career. At IEC Chesapeake, we offer such a path, and encourage you to explore Electrical Apprenticeship as an option. Unlike a traditional 4-year program, graduates of the IEC Chesapeake Apprenticeship Program leave school employed, with no school debts to carry, and the typical pay ranges of graduates are $40,000-$80,000 a year!

Get started in the electrical, low voltage and renewable energy industry through our Apprenticeship Training Programs. Our intensive four year apprenticeship training program is designed to provide an electrical apprentice with the necessary theory and practical training to earn the status of electrician.

Advancing the interests of the independent electrical contractor

Leading the way for over 40 years. Since our founding in 1982, IEC Chesapeake has been the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier electrical and renewable energy contractor association and electrical apprenticeship program provider. Among the largest chapters of the national Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC), our members comprise more than 150 contractors and industry partners, and represent over 10,000 men and women in all facets of the electrical industry.

Where education meets advocacy. IEC Chesapeake’s strong infrastructure and the enduring relationships we’ve forged within the community allow us to provide advanced, hands-on education and additional resources to regional members throughout the DMV region. Our online program stretches across the globe and has included students from as far away as Germany. Teaching hundreds of electrical apprentices and licensed electricians each year, and representing and advocating on behalf of our member companies, IEC Chesapeake is dedicated to educating, promoting and advancing the electrical industry.

Source: Electrical Contractor Employment Opportunity

Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs

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