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Diamondworks! Workforce Development Program

The Diamondworks! program is set to expand its network and provide the necessary industry skills to the next generation of automated manufacturing engineers – allowing them to become the workforce leaders of the future.The new Workforce Development Program centers around building connections with educational facilities throughout the U.S. to empower students, employees, and employers with the knowledge and new skills required to take on roles in this digital, automated age.

As technology continues to advance in industrial automation, the workforce needs to take on new technological and operational challenges.

In a recent interview, the Workforce Development Specialist for Mitsubishi Electric, Tom Majewski, commented, “The manufacturing industry is facing a labor shortage, with skilled workers retiring and more automation incorporated. They need and will continue to need workers who are trained to program, operate, and maintain the advanced technology going into their facilities. As a full-suite automation provider, Mitsubishi Electric is able to offer everything from stand-alone CNC or robot training stands to fully integrated automation cells.”

Critical Skills in Manufacturing and Robotics

Majewski added, “Our overarching goal for this program is to form a network of educational partnerships across North America. And to leverage that network to help bridge the gap between student and employer.”

Program participants can learn key skills to work with Mitsubishi Electric’s core products and popular control components, including the following:

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) and milling machines
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Servo motion
  • Industrial and Collaborative Robots

Participants in the Diamondworks! program can expect to learn critical skills, including robot programming and maintenance, PLC programming, automation and integration of manufacturing floors, and CNC programming and maintenance.

The Three Pillars of the Program

Education: Mitsubishi Electric offers program participants educational resources, training simulators, and curriculum focusing on skills required in automated manufacturing environments.

Certification: allows high school and college students to gain credible skills to strengthen their applications for future job opportunities in automated manufacturing. Program participants can obtain a Mitsubishi Electric CNC Programming and Maintenance Certification.

Outreach: means that Mitsubishi Electric is actively seeking “opportunities to engage directly with students and bring equal opportunity to those communities without access to educational resources. We are currently seeking partnerships with manufacturing associations, NPO’s, schools, and other outlets,” noted Majewski.

Mitsubishi Electric is planning guided tours of its facility for high schools and local colleges. The company also intends to sponsor events involving student-led manufacturing teams, such as a robotics team.

There is no obligation for schools to sign up for this program. Meaning they don’t have to purchase any equipment in order to gain access to the resources. All they would need to do is sign a partnership agreement.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamondworks! Workforce Development Program..

Will your school be signing up for this program? Let us know in the comments.


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