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Darla Moore Foundation Commits $25 Million to Tech Education Center

The  Darla Moore Foundation has announced that financier and philanthropist Darla Moore has committed $25 million to establish a center for education and workforce development in her hometown of Lake City, South Carolina. Darla Moore Foundation president and CEO Marion Fowler said the idea for the Continuum in Lake City began five years ago.

The team recognized there had been a shift in higher education and the current college model was outdated, he said.

The Continuum, a $25 million project, is a partnership between the Darla Moore Foundation, Francis Marion University and Florence-Darlington Technical College. Students can acquire credits toward high school diplomas, certificates, two-year degrees and four year-degrees.

“We recognize that many of the students in the Pee Dee either lack the financial resources or the test scores to go to college,” Fowler said. “It’s estimated that more than 65,000 jobs are available in South Carolina. But they’re unfilled due to the lack of qualified workers. That void resonated with our team.”

“Major employers, everyone from Volvo to Boeing, inform me they need a better-trained, better-educated workforce to sustain their growth in our state,” said Moore, who will chair the center’s four-member board. “That’s a vital need we must meet. I believe the Continuum will fast become a model for how that can be done.”

Fowler said Darla Moore has been quoted in saying the Continuum is a vision for what the future of education could and probably should look like. He said Moore said there are many issues facing the state, but none is more pressing than creating an education system that more effectively meets the needs of the businesses and industries in South Carolina and the citizens who make them go.

“We believe the Continuum will fast become a model for how that could be done,” Fowler said.

Dual enrollment classes will be offered to high school students at the Continuum, and traditional students will also be able to take courses. Courses will include English, math, history, biology, chemistry, art, music, business, computer science, education, pre-engineering and pre-nursing. Initial technical training will include courses in HVAC, welding, health sciences, mechatronics and advanced manufacturing technology.

“There is no single path to becoming an educated person or to engaging in a meaningful vocation,” said FMU president Fred Carter. “Through its unique structure and flexibility, the Continuum opens new doors for students across the spectrum. FMU is eager to begin this bold, new adventure.”

Included in the Continuum:

>> Seven classrooms.

>> Three computer labs.

>> Three distance learning classrooms.

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