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Charter School for Trades

 A new public charter school will be coming to the Del Paso Heights neighborhood. The new charter school is geared toward the construction industry, with many hoping it spells success for students looking for an alternative education. Charter School for Trades.

Capital College & Career Academy (CCCA) will be one of the first new schools built in Sacramento and will mark a transformation of the gateway into Del Paso Heights.

This $10 million public charter high school will be a major development in North Sacramento and is predicted to bring economic transformation to the area.

CCCA will transform from a long-vacant property at 501 Arden Way in Del Paso Heights into a thriving center for education and innovation.

Scheduled to open for the 2023 and 2024 school years, CCCA will have approximately 90 students entering the 9th grade. The school will add 10th, 11th and 12th grades later.

CCCA will encourage students who are the first to go to college in their families and will focus on hands-on learning through construction trades as a pathway into a career.

College while in High School

This school will be the only site-based high school in the Sacramento region, allowing students to take college classes as well at Sacramento State University and American River College with the opportunity to finish up to three years of college by the time they graduate from high school.

“It was really important to locate in a high-needs area to just support all students and get them to the finish line,” said founder and executive director Kevin Dobson. “We felt that Del Paso Heights is the perfect site for our school. It is accessible both by bus and light rail so that students from all over the region can easily travel to the school.”

F & H Construction obtained a $7.6 million contract to transform the building into a 23,000-square-foot high school. Roebbelen Contracting Inc. has donated over $150,000 to secure naming rights to the school. Now, the school campus will be officially named Capital College & Career Academy —Roebbelen Campus.

“As a former principal, I came to realize that traditional high schools were not meeting the needs of many students, who graduate without any career plans,” said Kevin Dobson, co-founder and executive director of Capitol College & Career Academy. “My mission with CCCA is that all graduates are employed or enrolled in a higher education program within six months of graduation.”To enroll in the school or for more information, go to Capital College & Career Academy’s website at

Source: Charter School for Trades

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