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Blueprint for Energy Education

Chenango Forks High School partnered with New Energy New York (NENY), led by Binghamton University, and with Broome-Tioga BOCES. The New Energy Lab will host the Broome-Tioga BOCES Career and Technology Education for Clean Energy and Battery Storage program. This Blueprint for Energy Education was made possible through the Economic Development Administration Build Back Better Regional Challenge award to the NENY Coalition, supported by Senator Chuck Schumer.

Chenango Forks Central School District Superintendent Tom Burkhardt said this program teaches several different aspects of the energy field.

“A lot of the work that they’re doing right now is focused on electricity,” Burkhardt said. “They’ve learned very important and very needed industrial skills such as soldering microprocessors, micro circuitry as well as solar panels and solar energy storage.”

The school believes this lab will not only represent a landmark for New York State but also serve as a national blueprint for energy education. They said this curriculum could help students create new energy solutions in the coming years.

“We don’t know where the future is going in these areas the technology is evolving as we come in,” Burkhardt said. “I’m so excited about what the students are learning here. The transferrable skills that they can take and incorporate into that new technology as they work their way into the workforce is very exciting.”

The program currently has four students enrolled as test subjects for the curriculum, and those students are excited to see how the diverse skillset they have gained will help them after graduation.

“If I wanted to, I could get into solar and I’ll still have the solar and battery,” said Chenango Forks junior William Johnson. “If I wanted to be an electrician, I have the resources there teaching us how to use amps and voltage and I can probably go into electrical engineering.”

The district said it hopes the feedback from this year’s group of students in the program can expand the curriculum and offer new opportunities to other areas within the county.

Source: Blueprint for Energy Education

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