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American Welding Society – Video Course for Educators – Professional Development Training

Behind every great welder are instructors and educators who encourage and support them along the way. To help produce the next generation of welders, AWS is pleased to announce a new video course designed for welding educators.

The Instructional Strategies for Welding Educators video course is ideal for the novice or experienced welding instructors looking to develop a stronger teaching foundation, create more effective curriculum, and incorporate pedagogical best practices in the classroom and welding lab. The course is also geared toward administrators and decision-making personnel at any learning institution striving to establish a successful welding (or other skilled trade) program or improve their existing program.

“In recent months, our priority has been to focus on creating resources to support welding students and educators,” said Eduardo Guerra, Instructional Design Manager, Education and Training. “This new online course is specifically designed to help instructors and administrators strengthen their welding programs and offer students better learning experiences.”

The course, which complements the AWS Fundamentals of Welding curriculum, is presented as a series of brief, interactive modules. Each module includes knowledge checks, case studies, and learner assessments. There are no academic or professional prerequisites for taking this course. However, a basic knowledge of standard welding terms and fundamental principles is highly recommended.

For more information about the new Instructional Strategies for Welding Educators video course, visit

To help our industry keep pace while we’re all adjusting to “the new normal,” AWS has developed a series of online webinars to help participants remain active and earn professional development hours or continuing education units. With the new AWS Professional Development Training sessions, attendees can broaden their skillsets and keep up with advancements in their fields by learning from industry experts — who are just a click away.

Participants can enroll in a live, in-person seminar or log into a webinar from the comfort of their home or office, all while earning PDHs and CEUs upon course completion.

Is welding aluminum difficult…or just different? This is the topic that the first training program, Aluminum Welding for Fabricators, Inspectors, and Engineers, will address starting on June 30. Six one-hour sessions over two weeks will focus on ways attendees can conduct aluminum welding projects with confidence.

“As part of our continuing efforts to address the needs of our members, we are developing new, more specialized training opportunities for welders, inspectors, and engineers,” said Alicia Garcia, Director of Education & Training. “We are excited to begin offering webinars and seminars on a variety of topics that will allow industry personnel to stay current in their field of work and earn PDHs and CEUs to meet the training requirements of their professional certifications and licenses.”

Additional online webinars and live seminars will be added throughout the year. Upcoming topics include Introduction to Welding QC Programs- WPS, PQR, WQTR and Other Acronyms. The course overview includes the fundamentals of destructive testing, developing and drafting a WPS, qualification of welders and more.

To learn more about the online training courses, visit


About AWS: The American Welding Society (AWS) is a multifaceted, nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes worldwide, including brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, and led by a volunteer organization of officers and directors, AWS serves 70,000 members worldwide and is composed of 22 Districts with 250 Sections and Student Chapters. For more information, visit the ‘Society’s website at




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