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American Schools Take Action to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

Schools across America are taking actions to prevent the spread of the Coronovirus, or COVID-19. Eastern Michigan University recently commented on the virus, announcing no known cases with classes advancing as usual. Ohio State University recently suspended in-person classes through the end of the month with over 60,000 students attending the university.

The virus has affected over 100,000 world-wide. Communities with confirmed cases have begun closing areas that encourage large gatherings. The San Jose Sharks hockey club announced it would be playing the remainder of their home games in front of a smaller crowd.

31 people have died from the virus in the United States alone. New York City announced a containment plan earlier today to help prevent the spread of the virus. Schools, places of worship, and other spaces that encourage large gatherings have postponed events at recommendation of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Many university’s with students traveling abroad have not been allowed back into the country. Eastern Michigan University students and faculty travelling abroad in Italy are now under self-quarantine after fears that they could have contracted the virus. No cases were tested as positive yet.

Last Thursday, the Institute of International Education announced that 234 institutions in the United States make up about half of all Chinese enrolled students. 37% of those students have been forced to remain home after the virus began to spread over the holidays. University’s and students have begun sending resources to help support those students in the time being.

Colleges have also begun offering courses on the coronavirus to help educate students about disease control. The Imperial College London debuted a free class about the virus back in February.

The best way to prevent the spreading of the virus is to prevent exposure. Attempt to stay away from people who have contracted the virus and areas with large amounts of people. You can learn more about the virus and its symptoms at

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