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All About Smart Manufacturing

Introduce kids to the world of Smart Manufacturing, where people remain the most important part of the process!

In this rhyming picture book, manufacturing is introduced as the art and science of MAKING things, something all kids love to do.

Briefly explore why manufacturing is so important for local communities and how automation and robots are enabling Smart Manufacturing to exist. Playful robot names are used throughout the book and fun scenarios where robots help people do a variety of tasks faster and safer!

Students learning STEM will gravitate to this book, as it shows how technical subjects are applied to Smart Manufacturing. Sometimes called Industry 4.0, the modern factory uses cool technologies and provides rewarding career paths for those that enter it.

About Mike Nager

Throughout his career selling, marketing, and developing industrial controls and automation systems, Mike has visited over 500 production plants. He has helped manufacturers improve their productivity, efficiency, and finished products. This work is crucial in keeping American manufacturing of world-class quality.

Mike’s written works specialize in introducing those who don’t have manufacturing experience to the new world of Smart Manufacturing. No longer dark, dank, and dangerous manufacturing today is sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0 and provides excellent opportunities for those that understand how technologies are transforming “mass production” to “mass customization”.

“All About Smart Manufacturing” is aimed at elementary school students to get them thinking about how things are made.

“The Smart Student’s Guide to Smart Manufacturing” is geared to high school students and counselors to introduce them to a world they may know little about — production. This book is used in several school districts across the USA.

“The Smart Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know!” provides an alphabetical glossary of terms for professionals in the field and a favorite for businesses to “private label” for their own use.

He has been named a Top 10 IIoT and Industry 4.0 Influencer four times and has worked with hundreds of American manufacturers over the last twenty years. He has installed sensors inside the massive machine tools used in making automotive engines, tested industrial radio technology deep underground in the New York subways, and even wore a “bunny suit” to work with clients onsite in both the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Mike has presented at conferences hosted by organizations and conferences such as the:

• IoT Emerge Conference

• Connecting Electronics Industries Association

• International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

• International Institute of Electrical Engineers

• Information and Communications Technology Conference

• Material Handling Industry Association

• International Society of Automation

• Association of Career and Technical Education

He was the keynote speaker at the Nevada Economic Development Conference, Réseau Innovation 4.0 Network, and the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Conference. He has been a guest lecturer at Northeastern University, West Virginia University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

His industry articles appear in publications such as: Industrial Machinery Digest / Quality Digest / Cisco’s The Network / The Association for Continuing and Technical Education Techniques / Assembly Magazine / Machine Design / Plant Engineering / Industrial Equipment News / Packaging World /

Educational articles have included “Redefining White-Collar Jobs in America,” “The Future of Manufacturing Production,” and “Bridging the Industry 4.0 Innovation Gap.”

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