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AI is Changing Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are technological advances that aren’t just trends, they are the way of the future.

These elements of the tech world are paving the way for some of the biggest advances in the world, and many of us are already using them every day. If you use Touch ID or facial recognition software to unlock a device, you already know how much more secure your world is with AI.

So do the innovators in big tech.

Big tech is bringing artificial intelligence into mainstream living in so many ways.

One way that is happening is in the field of education.

In the field of education, there are many ways that AI and machine learning are changing the way teachers and students learn every day.

AI is being built into tools and apps for in-school and at-home use by students and teachers all over the world.

The key goal of AI is to use machines to model human movement and even how humans think and perceive the world. It is only natural then that AI would be brought into the field of education to help every level of the student, and their teachers do better in the same way that a robotic arm with AI technology can help someone to lift better.

Learn more about the six most impressive ways that AI is changing education today.

AI in Education For Teachers

AI in education for teachers can be found in many levels of automated tools and technology.  When a teacher can convert a task into an automated task, they save time.

This valuable time can be used with students for other tasks in the classroom that may require more time and attention. If there is a complaint of any teacher in America today, it is that some things, in fact, do get left behind. AI is changing that.

Teachers can use AI technology in order to automate their paperwork, process marking and even report cards, plan lessons, and save time in every area of their workday.

Time saved can be spent finding materials and tools that allow teachers to tailor lesson planning to individual needs, while also tailoring plans to the needs of the whole.  Education using AI is making teaching easier, a wish that every teacher has ever had.

AI in Education for Students

A number of tools, such as Grammarly, have been developed with AI automation that provides technology that helps students do better in their work. AI in education for students is game-changing.

Grammarly, for example, is a tool that provides real-time spell-checking and grammar tools that correct as a student types. This is a spell checker that takes Microsoft’s spell check and Thesaurus ahead by some lightyears.

Students still need to learn basic grammar, but a tool like Grammarly and the many apps like it will help students today to become better writers without having to worry about commas right away.

Grammarly is powered by a natural language processing (NLP) technology that is being brought into many new AI tools to automate some levels of learning so that students can focus on what matters – learning. Developing NLP technology is a key part of every artificial intelligence course system today.

AI in Education Provides Personalized Learning

Personalization is a hallmark of AI technology, which is what AI is doing in educational tools today.

One app known as Quizlet allows students to personalize their own path of study in order to address unique needs when they are taking sample quizzes and providing their own answers.

Another app called Duolingo provides personalized learning for language learning which has helped students increase their rate of retention and memory in language learning significantly.

AI in education allows students today to be proactive when studying, and personalize their own learning paths, increasing their motivation to learn and helping them be more successful.

AI in Education in Remote Learning

The world of remote learning expanded during the pandemic and the years that have followed, and the need for advanced technology came with that. Those developing or learning AI and machine learning jumped on this need, seeing the potential for successful innovation down the road.

In remote learning, AI is seen in a number of new pathways, including more intelligent tutoring and coaching protocols that provide solutions for students when a teacher can not be in the room.  It also provided virtual facilitators, virtual coaching, virtual teachers, and chatbots to help students learn at their own pace when they can’t be in the classroom.

AI in Education for Special Needs

AI as a field in human biology was launched in order to help people with special needs perform better with their own bodies when their bodies needed help.

Today, these concepts and these technologies are moving past robotic arms and legs and into the classroom for students with special needs.

Machine-powered subtitles are now found in lesson plans and videos, as are described video techniques and tools that students can use by clicking a few things on a tablet or smart device in a special needs classroom.

Additionally, students with needs like seizures, diabetes, or other needs, can use AI-powered apps in the classroom and their school buildings to help them meet their health needs throughout the day.

AI in Education Can Save Lives

A key way that AI works in education that is not often spoken of is safety.

America’s school system today is fraught with the fear of gun violence, with mass shootings or school shootings occurring weekly.

AI has developed technology that can help in prevention here. Computer vision technology with AI-powered machining can be used for the detection of firearms as students go into buildings, and is being used in schools in America today.

Become Inspired By AI Technology

AI technology is the tool of the future when it comes to education. It is already changing lives, saving lives, and helping students become more successful.

If you want to become part of the tech world and make a difference with one of the most innovative tools today, AI and machine learning are the next trends to study. Become inspired by how AI technology can change your career, and get developing today. AI is Changing Education

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