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3D Pharmaceutical Printing is the Focus of Aprecia-Purdue Partnership

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. and CINCINNATI, Ohio — Health care is poised for a potential giant leap forward thanks to the 3D printing of medications. To advance the technology and science of 3D pharmaceutical printing, Purdue University’s College of Pharmacy and Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC are launching a comprehensive collaboration on future 3DP pharmaceutical equipment and medications.

“Aprecia’s mission is to maximize and expand its 3DP technology platform through global partnerships that will provide pharmaceutical solutions for unmet patient needs,” said Chris Gilmore, CEO of Aprecia. “Purdue University is an esteemed institution, and we are confident that this partnership will advance our future in 3DP pharmaceutical research and development.”

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals is the world leader in 3D pharmaceutical processes; in 2015 Aprecia developed the first 3D printed medication to receive FDA approval.

According to Eric Barker, dean of Purdue’s College of Pharmacy, the agreement brings together an exchange of faculty and research scholars; access to highly educated students; and joint collaborations in research and discovery, learning and teaching, engagement and technical assistance.

“Purdue University is committed to its investment in drug discovery and development as well as student and faculty enrichment that will continue to yield global advancement in medicine and health care,” Barker said. “As a college, our mission is to prepare the next generation of leaders in pharmacy. Partnering with Aprecia aligns perfectly with that mission. We are excited to combine our talented students and faculty with the successful researchers at Aprecia to work together to accelerate discoveries in this emerging field.”

Eric Munson, head of the college’s Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, said that the collaboration will spur the development of advanced medications.

“Giving our faculty and students access to 3DP technology through research projects, internships, and joint collaborations advances our mission of educating and training students through scientific discovery and development,” Munson said. “Incorporating the latest technological developments, like 3DP, into our program are key to producing the best workforce in pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing.”

About Aprecia

Founded in 2004, Aprecia received the first and only FDA approved three-dimensionally-printed (3DP) pharmaceutical product approval in 2015.  Aprecia uses its ZipDose® Technology to create rapidly disintegrating oral dosage forms that are easy to take and easy to administer.  Without compression during the 3DP manufacturing process, engineered and coated particles such as taste masking and modified release are possible on large dose products (over a 1000mg).  Aprecia directly owns a patent estate for novel 3DP machines and pharmaceutical 3DP applications. It licenses its exclusive technology platform to pharmaceutical partners as a means to extend product lines, improve patient reach and experience, and address FDA requirements as a pediatric delivery form. For more information, visit

About Purdue University

Purdue University, a top public research institution, offers higher education at its highest proven value. Committed to affordability, the university has frozen tuition and most fees since 2012. Committed to student success, Purdue is changing the student experience with greater focus on faculty-student interaction and creative use of technology. Committed to pursuing scientific discoveries and engineered solutions, Purdue has streamlined pathways for faculty and student innovators who have a vision for moving the world forward.

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