Wisconsin Technical College System

Career and Technical Education in Wisconsin
• At the secondary level, CTE is delivered through comprehensive high schools; career
academies, which are schools-within-schools that provide smaller, cohesive personalized
learning environments that integrate curriculum and instructional activities around specific
career areas; and CTE-specific high schools, which fully integrate core academic subjects with
career-specific instruction.
• At the postsecondary level, CTE is delivered through the state’s technical college system where
they are transforming the traditional concept of higher education through the use of Career
Pathways. Partners in this work include the tribally controlled community colleges as well as
the University of Wisconsin–Stout, through preparing CTE educators and providing continuing
professional development.
• Learn more at https://dpi.wi.gov/cte and WACTEonline.org.

In Fiscal Year 2019, Wisconsin received an estimated
$22,369,343 in federal Perkins funding—about $1.2
million more than in 2018 and down from $23.5
million in 2010, before Tech Prep was defunded.