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STEM Education And How Do Students Choose Between Coding And Robotics

The biggest benefit of STEM-based curriculum is that it establishes a connection between the school academics, work of future, sensitivity to community and puts it all in the global context.

STREAM education – Science Technology Research Engineering Art & Math, focus on collective integration of each of these disciplines.

From easy access to digital information to the new age launch of electric and driverless cars, technology is rapidly changing the face of career demands and therefore education.

STREAM curriculum is designed to trigger curiosity through application-based learning, explore possibilities, love to experiment with new things, tinker with hands-on execution and train them to be good at solving complex problems with applied knowledge of Science Math and Technology.

The biggest benefit of practising STEM education at an early age imparts life skills in students. It teaches them to think critically, be resilient to rejection and keep troubleshooting till they succeed, most importantly be solution oriented.

STEM curriculum is formally recognized over the world with top priority and therefore students have the opportunity to learn from the best institutes, use latest equipment’s hardware & software and work with the best companies Google, Tesla, Intel, IBM and all of them.

The biggest benefit of STEM-based curriculum is that it establishes a connection between the school academics, work of future, sensitivity to community and puts it all in the global context. It ought to be a mainstay in every school for every student.

STEM has so many Tech subjects that each child can understand all and choose to specialize in two or more of them. In reality, STEM education is all about Scientific Creativity where children explore & experiment with real hardware and software components to build simple inventions. STEM centred curriculum enables a student-centred learning environment in which students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena.

STEM is focused on children starting as early as 6 years to 18 years and grade wise exclusive curriculum builds depth in each area of Tech subjects.

Many parents ask the question – what is Coding? What is Robotics? And what is good for my child, where do I start?

Parents have a lot of confusion. While you see your kids playing with technology, but don’t see a tangible output, it becomes difficult to comprehend the benefit that Tech learning brings to students here and now.

The beauty of coding lies is in its application where your kids learn to code and power apps, websites, machines and data. Coding is not hard to learn but it’s important what coding your child learns and most importantly how he applies his coding knowledge.

Thus robotics really comes helpful where it physically demonstrates the application of coding through construction and visible movement. Robotics actually powers up the hands to build and the mind to run the creation.

There are innumerable opportunities in Robotics Workshop students explore the opportunity to build and code online with live instructors, create and automate circuits with Arduino, build their own bots and see how various mechanical and electronic construction create movement with loads of fun learning.

Robotics camps allow students to create

·        App-enabled robot,

·        Controlled robots,

·        Autonomous robots that act on their own

·        Robots that pick up objects

·        Robots conduct specific tasks of navigating a maze

·        Navigating an obstacle course

·        Or Sorting through colour-coded lines

Autonomous robot, self-driving car and delivery bots are terms used to describe robots that use sensors to enable actions with little or no human interaction

Robotics offers a number of benefits like problem-solving and computational thinking skills. The most important benefit of Robotics is it’s a gateway to coding and STEM subjects where students learn applied knowledge of Science and Math.


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