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Activity Based Supplies

P.O. Box 668 
Pittsburg, KS 

Phone:  (800) 469-8070
FAX:     (800) 237-3504


Since 1995, Activity Based Supplies has supplied educators with quality hands-on science and technology consumable products at low cost prices.

Academic Innovations

1386 Rio Virgin Drive
Washington, UT

Phone: (435) 986-8340
FAX:    (435) 986-8339

Academic Innovation’s Career Choices curriculum provides students with the skills and self-awareness to successfully transition into high school and beyond.  These classroom-based materials provide comprehensive career, life, and financial planning skills while effectively integrating academics.

Academic Software Inc.

595 Colonial Park Drive
Roswell, GA

Phone:  (770) 998-7766 or
            (800) 466-4448
FAX:     (770) 998-7707

Academic Software is a provider of Microsoft and other software for career and technical education.

ACT Inc.

500 ACT Drive
Iowa City, IA

Phone: (319) 337-1036
FAX:    (319) 337-1200

ACT has available assessment, research, information, and program management services in the broad areas of education planning, career planning, and workforce development.

Amatrol –
Learning Systems for Technical Education

P.O. Box 2697
2400 Centennial Drive
Jeffersonville, IN

Phone:  (812) 288-8285
FAX:  (812) 283-1584

Amatrol’s learning systems in pre-engineering, project-based learning, industrial maintenance,
and manufacturing programs include courseware for
self-directed, distance and lecture / lab programs, equipment, computerized troubleshooting,
and authentic assessment.

American Association for Lab Animal Science

9190 Crestwyn Hills Drive
Memphis, TN

Phone:  (901) 754-8620 
FAX:  (901) 753-0046
Web: ,and

The AALAS provides accurate information about responsible laboratory animal care and the benefits
of biomedical research to both humans and animals.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

400 Columbus Street
Suite 202
Alexandria, VA

Phone:  (703) 706-4600
FAX:  (703) 706-4663

AAFCS is a professional association dedicated to Family & Consumer Sciences professionals. AAFCS strives to improve the quality and standards of individual and family life by providing educational programs, influencing public policy, and through communication.

American Book Company

103 Executive Drive
Woodstock, GA

Phone:  (770) 928-2834

Effective and easy-to-use State-specific Graduation Test, End-of Course, and End of Grade Test workbooks and software.  Free preview copies are available.

American Culinary Foundation (ACF)

180 Center Place Way
St. Augustine, FL
32095 - 8859

Phone:  (800) 624-9459
FAX:  (904) 82504758

It is the ACF’s goal to make a positive difference for culinarians through education, apprenticeship,
and certification, while creating a fraternal bond of respect and integrity among culinarians everywhere.

American Education Corporation

7606 N. Broadway Ext.
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone:  (405) 840-6031
FAX:  (405) 848-3960

AEC publishes the A+nyWhere Learning System,
an online courseware program that provides
research - based core curriculum for grades K-12. 
A+LS incorporates all state’s academic standards into its integrated and automated reporting tools.

American Honda
Motor Co. Inc.

1919 Torrance Blvd.
Mail Stop 500-2C-11B
Torrance, CA
90501 - 2746

Phone:  (310) 783-3557 
FAX:  (310) 783-3509

American Honda Industry Education helps students become qualified, entry-level technicians through the Honda PACT Professional Automotive Career Training – and AYES Automotive Youth Educational Systems – programs.

American Technical Publisher

10100 Orland Prkwy

Suite 200

Orland Park, IL 60467

Phone:  (708) 957-1100
FAX:  (708) 957-1101

American Technical Publishers provides comprehensive textbook and instructor support materials in the electrical, building, and maintenance trades.

American Technical Education Association

Dunwoody College of Technology
818 Dunwoody Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN  55403



Phone: (612) 381-3315


ATEA is an organization dedicated to excellence in the quality of postsecondary technical education with emphasis on professional development. ATEA is a driving force behind workforce development.

ATEA is an advocate for postsecondary technical education.

Applied Educational Systems Inc.

208 Bucky Drive
Lititz, PA

Phone:  (717) 627-7710
FAX:  (717) 627 - 5643

AES programs deliver standards-based curriculum via interactive multimedia presentations. 
Their programs include: Tech Center 21,
Business Center 21, Life Center 21, IT Center 21, and Health Center 21.

Technetronics Ltd.

P.O. Box 146
Cygnet, OH

Phone:  (419) 655-3456
FAX:  (419) 655-3455

Applied Technetronics provides Distance Learning Program development and Consulting, Knowledge and Management Software for the Apprenticeship and Educational Markets, Statistical Process Control Software for the Educational and Professional Markets, Related Products, and Consulting Services to a broad customer base.

Applied Technologies

P.O. Box 1419
366 Switch Road SW
Calhoun, GA

Phone:  (800) 334-4943
FAX: (706) 629-6761

Applied Technologies provides technology solutions for pre-K through postsecondary schools.  Product lines include technology education, agriscience, health science, and information technology equipment and curricula.

Aries Institute
of Technology Inc.

1445 W. 12th Place
Tempe, AZ

Phone:  (800) 497-5452
FAX:  (480) 967-8422

The Aries Institute of Technology, Inc. is a Multimedia IT courseware provider aligned with academic and industry-endorsed objectives. 
Aries offers e-learning solutions with user-friendly interfaces, detailed graphics and animation and a classroom management system.

Associated General Contractors

2300 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA

Phone:  (703) 837-5370
FAX:  (703) 837-5402

Associated General Contractors (AGC) provides tools to educators, like “Construction Futures,” its program for incorporating construction learning inside elementary and middle schools, and a supervisory training program curriculum utilized at many community colleges.

Career Exploration

2834 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL
60064 - 3094

Phone:  (847) 688-3680 x7507
FAX:  (847) 688-4579

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program assists high school and postsecondary students with career decisions.  This free program includes multi-aptitude assessment battery and interest inventory.  Students explore career information matching their interests, abilities and personal preferences.

A-Tech Training Inc.

12290 Chandler Drive
P.O. Box 297
Walton, KY

Phone:  (859) 485-7229
FAX:  (859) 485-7299

An ASE-certified training provider, A-Tech provides Automotive Technology Training Equipment with computer-based instruction recommended for original equipment manufacturers (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Mitsubishi, and VW), schools and government facilities.  A-Tech also provides four area certification plans and ASE- certified CASE workshops.

Automotive Youth
Educational Systems

100 W. Big Beaver
Suite 300
Troy, Mi

Phone:  (248) 524-4189
FAX:  (248) 526-1751

Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) is a partnership among participating automotive manufacturers, participating dealers, and selected high schools and tech prep schools.  AYES is designed to encourage young people to consider satisfying careers in retail automotive service and prepare them for entry-level career positions; or for advanced studies in automotive technology.

AXYZ Automation Inc.

5330 S. Service Road
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 5L1 Canada

Phone:  (800) 361-3408
FAX:  (900) 634-4966

AXYC provides innovative CNC router tables that can cut, profile, engrave, plot and digitize all types of materials.

Productions Inc.

1224 Baltimore Pike
Suite 203
Chadds Ford, PA

Phone:  (610) 361-0334
FAX:  (610) 361-0092

Bergwall provides clear and accurate technical materials for automotive students, instructors and professionals.  Bergwall consistently incorporates the highest possible products standards available to create innovative training materials through education, certification and life long learning.

Boxford LTD.

Box Trees Mill
Boy Lane, Wheatley Halifax
West Yorkshire,
HX3 SAF England

Phone:  011-44-1422-358311
FAX:  011-44-1422-355924

 A provider of CNC training equipment with integrated CAD and CAM, featuring 3D file import and photo engraving software.  Boxford also provides a low-cost rapid prototyping solution.


2706 S. Horseshoe Dr.
Naples, FL


Brainchild provides schools with supplemental, standards-based products.  Research has shown substantial higher student achievement in schools using Brainchild products in class or after school.

Transitions / XAP Corporation

33637-B Hwy. 97N
Oroville, WA

Phone:  (800) 281-1168
FAX:  (888) 349-3437

Bridges’ education and career planning and test prep products help students reach their full potential and achieve in the transition to education and work.

Brodhead Garrett

100 Paragon Parkway
Mansfield, OH

Phone:  (800) 321-6730
FAX:  (877) 256-3739

Brodhead Garrett provides Manufacturing, Construction, and Automotive products to a wide range of customers involved in traditional industrial arts, skilled trades, and related technical education programs.  They support this diverse audience with both equipment and curricular support aimed at the teachers’ long and short-term mission requirements.

Brywood Enterprises

P.O. Box 1190
Sulphur Springs, TX 75483

Phone:  (903) 439-1081
FAX:  (903) 439-1081

Brywood Enterprises is an educational company specializing in teaching materials for family and consumer science teachers at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Knowledge Inc.

7241 Ohms Lane
Suite 275
Minneapolis, MN

Phone:  (952) 942-5754
FAX:  (866) 415-7596

BKI has published a new educational tool for construction, architecture and HVAC professors, and instructors and students called Building Better Homes.
It demonstrates the whole-house systems approach to residential construction in three interactive CD-ROMs, with six hours of instructional material.

Building Service
Contractors Assn.
International (BSCAI)

10201 Lee Highway
Suite 225
Fairfax, VA

Phone:  (703) 359-7090
FAX:  (703) 352-0493

The BSCAI association provides educational programs, publications, video training programs, seminars, and networking opportunities, all developed specifically for the building service contracting industry.

Bullzi Network Inc.

283 Bartram Road
Riverside, IL

Phone:  (708) 442-6543

Touch – Inspire is a portable, turn-key, touch-screen career information system.  The 16 Career Clusters and 81 Cluster Pathways are at your fingertips.  Education, career exploration, career information, and inspiration are available in an easy-to-use, extremely fast, and abundantly programmed tool for students.

Business Professionals
of America

5454 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, OH

Phone:  (614) 895-7277 x104
FAX:  (614) 895-1165

Business Professionals feature co-curricular secondary, postsecondary and middle level curriculum enhancing programs, conferences, workplace skills assessments, services, publications and other products for preparing learners for the workforce.

Calc Canterbury

200 Lanidex Plaza
Parsippany, NJ

Phone:  (973) 515-6940
             (800) 638-2252
FAX:  (973) 781-0939

Canterbury Corporate University provides a complete suite of blended learning instructor-led training, e-learning, custom developed courses, technical services and more.


P.O. Box 2053
Princeton, NJ 08543

Phone:  (800) 257-5126
FAX:  (609) 671-0266

Films Media Group is North America’s leading source of high-quality educational video and multimedia programs for schools, colleges, libraries, the medical community, and other institutions.

C-Tech Associates

50 Station Road
Sparta, NJ

Phone:  (973)726-9000
FAX:  (973) 726-9009

For years, C-Tech has been developing technology programs featuring integrated hands-on training aids and curricula.  This has afforded schools a great deal of flexibility and is cost effective over lab-based programs that require dedicated rooms and support equipment.

Communications Inc.

6701 W. 64th Street
Shawnee Mission, KS 66202

Phone:  (913) 362-7788
FAX:  (913) 362-4864

CCI provides the standards-based American Careers classroom programs that integrate career cluster information with language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula.  CCI’s programs integrate counseling and career development goals. Elementary, middle and high school programs are available, as are a health careers program and a parent edition.

Career Cruising

115 Danforth Avenue
Suite 203
Toronto, ON

Phone:  (416) 463-1600
FAX:  (416) 463-0938

Career Cruising is a comprehensive computer-based career guidance system that is fun and easy to use.  The program includes:  internationally respected assessment tools; detailed occupation profiles; multimedia interviews with real working people in many occupations; comprehensive college and financial aid information; and a portfolio tool and resume builder.

CareerSafe Online -  
OSHA Training Program

1500 University Dr. East Suite 100
College Station, TX 77840

Phone:  (979) 260-0030
FAX:  (979) 260-0037

The Career Safe Online OSHA Training Program is a youth safety initiative program that utilizes a youth-to-youth formatted, interactive Web-based training.  Students who successfully complete the Career Safe Online program receive a Career Safe Online OSHA- 10 hour card.

Career One Stop

Wells Fargo Place 30
7th Street East
Suite 350
Saint Paul, MN

Phone:  (651) 556-0666
FAX:  (877) 348-0499

Career One Stop is a publicly funded resource for jobseekers and businesses.  It can be used to find jobs and identify job-ready workers with the right skills, locate public workforce services in your area, explore careers, compare salaries and more.

Career Solutions Publishing

1199 Lancaster Avenue
Berwyn, PA

Phone:  (888) 299 – 2784
 FAX:  (610) 993-8249

Career Solutions Publishing develops and publishes materials on work readiness, workplace ethics, career and academic integration, and personal money management.




Career Training Concepts, Inc.

3640 Hewatt Court
Snellville, GA

Phone:  (770) 326-9229

Career direction – FREE to high schools. 
FUTURE FOCUS – For middle schools. 
Both programs assess career interests and teach decision-making skills regarding high-risk activities and setting goals.

Carrier Corporation

6540 Old Collamer Road
South Carrier
Training Center East
Syracuse, NY

Phone:  (315) 432-7574
FAX:  (315) 432-3871

Carrier Corporation provides technical training to students and professionals in the HVAC industry. Carrier produces training materials that can be used for self-study, or that can be used to instruct others. These materials have evolved from books and overheads into videos, PowerPoint presentations, interactive computer-based training, and now to on-line training.


2201 Springs Street
Fort Mill, SC

Phone:  (803) 802-7820
FAX:  (803) 802-7821

CEMA was founded in 1984 and is the only organization that exists specifically to serve and address the unique needs and concerns of Converting Equipment Manufacturers.

Center for Distributed
Learning /
CTE Online

2491 Carmichael Drive
Chico, CA

Phone:  (530) 879-7457
FAX:  (530) 879-7458

CTE Online connects CTE teachers with an online tool that expertly aligns their courses to current industry standards and critically-tested NCLB academic skills.

Center on Education
and Work (CEW)

University of
1025 W. Johnson Street
964 Education
Sciences Building
Madison, WI

Phone:  (800) 446-0399
FAX:  (608) 262-9197

The Center on Education and Work (CEW) conducts work to enhance peoples’ learning and career awareness through experiences that lead to meaningful and productive careers. The CEW provides diverse resources for job seeking, career planning, occupational education, workplace education, and special needs education through handbooks, workbooks, videotapes and computer software materials.


1276 South 820 East Suite 200
American Fork, UT

Phone:  (888) 999-9830
FAX:  (801) 492-4118

Certiport is a leading provider of desktop certification and services, enabling individuals to achieve, distinguish themselves, and advance through certification programs such as Microsoft Office Specialist, and the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3).

CES Industries Inc.

130 Central Avenue
Farmingdale, NY

Phone:  (631) 293-1420
FAX:  (631) 293-8556

CES has years of experience creating educational technology programs.  CES programs include A+ Computer Repair Certification, Network + Certification, Cable + Wireless technologies, electronics, digital, robotics and more.  Curricula, lesson plans and equipment are provided.

CNC Software Inc.

5717 Wollochet Dr. NW Suite 2-A
Gig Harbor, WA

Phone:  (253) 858-6677
FAX:  (253) 858-6737

Mastercam, the worlds leading computer aided machining (CAM) software has introduced its new software, Mastercam X.  This release will make teaching CAM even easier than before.

Chubb Institute

The Plaza at Cherry Hill
2100 Route 38
& Mall Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ


 Since 1970, the Chubb Institute has been providing high-quality Career Training programs to individuals starting their careers or undergoing a career change.

Coastal Training Technologies

500 Studio Drive
Virginia Beach, VA

Phone:  (757) 631-4388
FAX:  (757) 431-1269

One of the world's leading training product publishers, Coastal Training Technologies Corp. has been providing premium training resources to organizations around the world since 1984.

The Thomas Cobb Group

4051 Glencoe Ave
Studio 1
Venice, CA

Phone:  (310) 822-1515

The Thomas Cobb Group is a full service motion graphics design and production company.  TCG’s capabilities span from developing initial concepts once sketched on a napkin, to integrating mixed media for a full film production to composing music and sound design to complete post finishing in digital or 35MM film.  With over fifteen years in the industry of design and production for film and video, Thomas Cobb has worked on a variety of significant Hollywood motion picture and television projects.


3361 Executive Parkway Suite 302
Toledo, OH

Phone:  (419) 536-5353
FAX:  (419) 536-7056

Coin Educational Products offer a comprehensive line of K-12 career guidance products in internet, software and workbook formats. 
New for middle schools…Career Targets Online.

The College Board

45 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY

Phone:  (212) 713-8000
FAX:  (212) 713-7700

The College Board’s mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.
They are a not-for-profit membership organization committed to excellence and equity in education.

Comex System Inc.

5 Cold Hill Rd South
State Route 24
Mendham, NJ

Phone:  (800) 543-6959
FAX:  (973) 543-2862

Comex provides videotapes and CD-ROMs for both basic skills and GED preparation.


1815 South Meyers Road Suite 300
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Phone:  (317) 842-2106
FAX:  (317) 842-2461

CompTIA’s Education to Careers (E2C) program provides a suite of benefits for academic members involved in technology education and training.  CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certification programs are widely recognized as the preferred entry point to a number of careers in the information and communications technology industry.

The Conover Company

2926 Hidden Hollow Rd.
Oshkosh, WI

Phone:  (920) 231-4667
FAX:  (920) 231-4809

The Conover Company is a software development company with over twenty years of experience in the education and training industry.  Conover’s major focus is on the development of effective tools for the selection and promotion of a quality workforce.

Continental Press

520 East Bainbridge St.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Phone:  (800) 233-0759
FAX:  (888) 834-1303

Continental Press is a family-owned company that has been publishing K-12 educational materials for over 65 years.  Its founder, Horace Raffensperger, a supervising school principal in the 1930s, saw that students could benefit by having supplemental materials along with their textbooks.

The Center for
Occupational Research and Development

601 Lake Air Drive
Waco, TX

Phone:  (254) 772-5095 x210
FAX:  (254) 776-2306

CORD has been leading change in education for over 30 years thru contextually focused curriculum design, faculty development programs, and Tech-Prep and Career Pathways leadership.

CORD Communications

P.O. Box 21206
Waco, TX

Phone:  (800) 231-3015
FAX:  (254) 776-3906

CORD Communications is the leading provider of contextual learning mathematics and science products developed by CORD.  Titles include Algebra 1, Geometry, Principles of Technology, and Physics in Context.

C.P. Bourg

50 Samuel Barnet Blvd
New Bedford
Industrial Pk
New Bedford, MA

Phone:  (508) 998-2171
FAX:  (508) 998-2391

C.P. Bourg pursues its leadership in the design and manufacture of print finishing equipment for the traditional Graphic Arts market as well as for the on line and near line applications for high volume digital printers.

CRESS Center – Cooperative Research and Extension Services for Schools

School of Education
Academic Surge Building
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA

Phone:  (530) 752-8258

CRESS brings together K-12 educators with university faculty, education extension specialists, and graduate students.  Cooperatively refining their understanding of schooling and addressing the continuing challenges of planned school change, they conduct educational research, design curriculum, and envision new modes of professional development.

Critical Thinking

P.O. Box 1610
Seaside, CA

Phone:  (800) 458-4849
FAX:  (831) 393-3277

Critical Thinking designs critical thinking into their reading, writing, math and science lessons so students carefully analyze what they are learning.

CrossTec Corp.

500 NE
Spanish River Blvd. #201
Boca Raton, FL

Phone:  (800) 675)0729
FAX:  (561) 391-5820

NetOp School puts the teacher center stage in networked or Internet-based virtual classrooms, allowing full control of computer technology at all times.


500 Greenview Court
Vernon Hills IL

Phone:  (800) 445-5985
FAX:  (847) 816-5050

ETA/Cuisenaire is a leading supplier of math manipulative, science material and reading/language arts products.

Systems Inc.

6040 Six Forks Road PMB 165
Raleigh, NC

Phone:  (919) 872-5179
FAX:  (919) 876-0128

Cosmetology schools implement Cyber imaging to enhance their curriculum and student experience.  Cyber imaging gives students the opportunity to use imaging technology to visually experiment with various combinations of styles, colors, face shapes and textures in a realistic, virtual environment.  It also provides cosmetology instructors with royalty-free student exercises, which can be used in conjunction with the Cyber imaging consultation to reinforce techniques learned in a student’s cosmetology textbook.

Instructional Systems

P.O. Box 96
Westwood, MA

Phone:  (508) 660-0700
FAX:  (508) 660-0777

Designed for 100 percent retention, the Dean Vaughn Total Retention Systems Medical Terminology 350, Basic Human Anatomy, and Dental Terminology make it easy-to-remember course material. The second edition is available.

DDC Training Services

31 East 32nd Street
Suite 610
New York, NY

Phone:  (800) 964-6796
FAX:  (800) 528-3820

DDC Training Services has been creating training materials for schools and teachers for over 30 years. DDC Training Services is an Authorized Microsoft Office Specialist Testing Center.


1908 Association Drive
Reston, VA

Phone:  (703) 860-5000
FAX:  (703) 860-4013

The mission of DECA is to enhance the co-curricular education of students with interest in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.  DECA helps students to develop skills and competence for marketing careers, to build self-esteem, to experience leadership and to practice community service.  DECA is committed to the advocacy of marketing education and the growth of business/education partnerships.


555 Woburn Street
Tewksbury, MA

Phone:  (978) 937-9600
FAX:  (978) 453-9936

This division of the Megatech Corp. has worked with the industry to create the latest automotive teaching modules, including the Ford Motor Company electricity/electronics training modules.

Denford Limited

Phone: (800) 886-9750



Denford offers a full range of industry standard CAD/CAM/CNC/CIM products for training.  


3305 Airport Drive
Pittsburg, KS

Phone:  (800) 767-1062
FAX:  (620) 231-0024

DEPCO’s interactive learning units provide students with valuable career, life and academic experiences.  Students are challenged with exciting, hands-on-activities that cover’s a variety of career areas, including technology, business, manufacturing/pre-engineering, agriscience, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Design Assistance Corporation

US 322 & County Rt. 653
P.O. Box 215
Swedesboro, NJ

Phone:  (856) 241-9500
FAX:  (856) 241-9545

DAC offers a wide range of hands-on-training solutions relating to industrial skills.  This realistic, heavy-duty equipment addresses mechanical, electrical, process control, fluid power, automation systems and HVAC-R.

 ImagiNation Inc.

114 East High Street
Glassboro, NJ

Phone:  (856) 881-1603

A fully funded educational experience for U.S. and Canadian high school teams to learn about construction careers and equipment, infrastructure, creative problem solving, and teamwork.

DeVry University

1 Tower Lane
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Phone:  (800) 73-DEVRY
FAX:  (630) 571-3036

DeVry University provides career oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs in technology, business and management. 
DeVry’s $75 million scholarship program helps students and educators gain access to higher education.

Dibble Fund
for Marriage Education

P.O. Box 7881
Berkeley, CA

Phone:  (800) 695-7975
FAX:  (510) 528-1956

The Dibble Fund provides relationship skills programs.
Resources include:  CONNECTIONS:  Dating & Emotions; Relationships & Marriage; and Love U2. 

Digital Quest Inc.

525 Thomastown Lane
Suite F
Ridgeland, MS

Phone:  (601) 856-2237
FAX:  (601) 856-2576
Web: and

Digital Quest is a Mississippi-based development and training oriented company.  Their primary focus is enabling educational institutions to provide skill training in the new and ever-more vital field of Geographic Information Systems.  Through partnerships with organizations such as Berkeley Geo-Research Group, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), NASA and others, they are able to deliver complete turn-key courses which can be taught by instructors with little or no previous GIS knowledge, and which can provide entry-level GIS technician certification to its students.  Collectively, these courses are called SPACESTARS (Spatial Projects and Community Exchange / Spatial Technology and Remote Sensing).

Technologies Inc.

12020 113th Ave. NE Suite 215
Kirkland, WA

Phone:  (425) 576-0313
FAX:  (425) 576-1813

Diploma Technologies provides Skill Manager,
a competency management solution utilizing Palm and/or Pocket-PC handheld computers. They also offer Attendance Manager for recording, managing, and reporting student attendance and clock-hours.

Disc Markers

7905 N. Rt. 130
Pennsauken, NJ

Phone:  (800) 468-9353
FAX:  (856) 661-3455

Disc Makers is a leading independent media manufacturer, specializing in full-service CD and DVD manufacturing services for independent musicians, businesses and filmmakers.  Disc Makers also sells a complete line of CD and DVD duplicators and printers.

DMI International LLC.

16230 Monterey Road, Suite 203
Morgan Hill, CA

Phone:  (888) 288-4530
FAX:  (800) 234-1175

DMI supplies interactive learning systems, overhead projectors, LCD projectors, microscopes, plasma screens, inter-write boards, and design and equip laboratories for schools, colleges, and universities.

EBSCO Publishing

10 Estes Street
Ipswich, MA

Phone:  (800) 653-2726

Online high school career guidance databases and services including COIN Career Library, COIN Career Community, and COIN Career Guidance.

EDITS Publishing

P.O. Box 7234
San Diego, CA

Phone:  (800) 416-1666
FAX:  (619) 266-1666

EDITS features the COP System career assessments which link interests, abilities and values to occupations.  All occupational information has recently been updated and the assessments renamed.

Electronics Workbench

60 Industrial Park #068
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Phone:  (800) 263-5552
FAX:  (416) 977-1818

Electronics Workbench is the defacto standard in teaching and learning solutions for electronics education.  Since 1984, the firm has been a leader in providing circuit design, analysis and simulation software for the classroom and lab.  Their products are used by educators and students around the world.


922 E. Kee
Weatherford, OK

Phone:  (866) 597-0630
FAX:  (580) 772-0579

Using CPS, teachers get instant feedback from the entire class and embarrass no one.  Teachers can collect performance data seamlessly and effortlessly for all students, allowing reports to be generated that indicate specific areas of need for each student.  Response systems make learning fun and keep students on task with no child left behind.

Elenco Electronics Inc.

150 W. Carpenter Ave.
Wheeling, IL

Phone:  (800) 533-2441
FAX:  (847) 520-0085

A complete line of educational electronic kits, analogy/digital trainers, tool kits, power supplies, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, breadboards and generators.  New items include Snap Circuits and Tree of Knowledge science kits.

Ellison Educational Equipment Inc.

Commerce Centre Drive
Lake Forest, CA

Phone:  (949) 598-8838 x197
FAX:  (949) 598-8838

Ellison provides premier die-cutting solutions for today’s most pressing creative challengers.  Their Prestige and All-Star machines easily create time-saving quality visuals for any subject area or classroom.

Energy Concepts Inc.

404 Washington Blvd.
Mundelen, IL

Phone:  (847) 837-8191
FAX:  (847) 837-8171

A source for material sciences, applied physics, electricity/electronics, and industrial controls.

Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.

380 New York Street
Redlands, CA

Phone:  (909) 793-2853
FAX:  (909) 307-3072

GIS, GPS and remote sensing are changing careers and classrooms.  Used in homeland security, agriculture, economic development, epidemiology, and elsewhere, learn about GIS from leader ESRI and SPACESTARS-geospatial workforce curricula ,and certification from Digital Quest / BGRG.

Electronics Technicians Association International

5 Depot Street
Greencastle, IN

Phone:  (800) 288-3824
FAX:  (765) 653-4287

The Electronics Technicians Association International is a not-for-profit professional trade association working to “foster excellence in electronics.” 
A primary function of this organization is the development, administration and maintenance of its current 30 technical certifications.

International, Inc.

2701 S. Mid-West Drive
Kansas City, KS

Phone:  (913) 441-8694
FAX:  (913) 441-6332

FASTPRO carries quality safety and first aid items, including eye wear, hearing protection, safety glasses, and gloves.  Also: Automated External Defibrillators and training aids.

Festo Corporation

395 Moreland Road
Hauppauge, NY

Phone:  (631) 404-3182
FAX:  (631) 435-3847

From basic industrial automation training packages using real industrial grade components to technology specific courses to the planning, control and handling of complex networked CIM systems, Festo Didactic Learning Systems is a single source supplier.

Films Media Group

P.O. Box 2053
Princeton, NJ

Phone:  (609) 671-1000
FAX:  (800) 257-5126

A leading source of educational content through four companies offering standards-driven programs in DVD, VHS, CD-ROM, poster, digitally and more.  Their programs cover a broad range of subjects appropriate for schools, colleges, and libraries.

Flexible Furniture

323 Acorn Street
Plainwell, MI

Phone:  (269) 685-6831
FAX:  (269) 685-9195

Metal furniture for CTE programs, including stools and benches for CAD drafting, shops, and electronic applications.

Franklin Electronic Publishers

Garfield Group
Public Relations
411 South State Street
Newtown, PA

Phone:  (800) 266-5626
FAX:  (609) 239-5948

Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. designs, develops, publishes, and distributes globally innovative electronic language learning solutions on handheld devices, memory media cards, and via Internet downloads.

Future Business
Leaders of America

1912 Association Drive
Reston, VA

Phone:  (703) 860-3334 x113
FAX:  (703) 860-3788

Co-curricular activities and integrated curricula, which include leadership development, career exploration, economic education, civic service and entrepreneurship at the middle, high school, and postsecondary levels.  The organization encourages partnerships between business and education.

Technical College

3520 30th Avenue
Kenosha, WI

Phone:  (262) 564-2306
FAX:  (262) 564-2999

The Upgrade 2 certification Automotive Training initiative can increase the number of industry - certified schools and the capacity of automotive training programs, including increasing the number of NATEF/ASE certified instructors through the development of online training materials and Web-based tutorials.

Genesis Technologies

1515 S. Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 302
Austin, TX

Phone:  (800) 433-6326
FAX:  (512) 327-0494

Genesis Technologies, Inc is an Authorized Academic Software Reseller.  They are directly authorized by all vendors they represent.

Global Knowledge Exchange

155 Route 46
Wayne Interchange Plaza II
Wayne, NJ

Phone:  (973) 890-0010
FAX:  (073) 890-9077

GKE has a significant commitment and involvement in technology-assisted learning opportunities, web-based education, policy research and development, innovative learning projects, digital divide issues, university facilitation, and knowledge management in the United States.

Glencoe /

8787 Orion Place
Columbus, OH
43240 - 4027

Phone:  (614) 430-4241
FAX:  (614) 430-4272
Web: www.glencoe,com

Glencoe/McGraw-Hill has a complete line of career and technical education offerings in family and consumer sciences, trade and technology education, health care occupations, and business and computer education.

Goodheart – Wilcox

18604 West Creek Dr.
Tinley Park, IL

Phone:  (800) 323-0440
FAX:  (888) 409-3900

Goodheart - Wilcox textbooks provide relevant illustrations and engaging design to give students the edge to learn and apply important skills. 
Goodheart - Wilcox teaching packages provide extensive resources to give teachers the edge in presenting key concepts.

Graphic Arts
Education and
Research Foundation

1899 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA
20191 - 4367

Phone:  (703) 264-7200
FAX:  (703) 620-3165

The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) provides a major source of financial support for education and research projects designed to promote careers in graphic communications through its four major programs: PrintED; MAKE YOUR MARK in Graphic Communications; financial grants; and Career Day.

Gray Technologies /
Chief Architect

13062 West
Highway 290
Austin, TX

Phone:  (512) 267-2075
FAX:  (208) 955-7861

Gray Technologies is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the CAD market in both the commercial and educational markets. Gray Technologies carefully partners with "Best-in-Class" software manufacturers. Grey Technologies features Architectural and Mechanical Design product lines along with other design related products which offer cost effective and powerful solutions for Solid Modeling, 3D, and 2D design and drafting. 

International Inc.

690 South B. Street
Tustin, CA

Phone:  (714) 544-1414
FAX:  (714) 544-2323

Graymark International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality courseware and hardware-based IT trainers, electronic component kits and projects.  Graymark develops trainers that provide stimulating real-world working experiences for students with a simple-to-complex success-oriented curriculum for instructors.

Great Lakes Press

P.O. Box 550
Wildwood, MO
63040 - 0550

Phone:  (800) 837-0201
FAX:  (363) 273-6086

Great Lakes Press publishes resources designed to introduce students to the field of engineering and technology.  Leading edge publications for the K-12 and college markets include the best selling Engineering Your Future introduction to engineering text, and Engineering - A to Z.

Greene Manufacturing Inc. (GMI)

3985 Fletcher Road
Chelsea, MI

Phone:  (734) 428-8304
FAX:  (734) 428-7672

GMI offers a wide range of quality furniture products for the K-12, career and technical education and college markets.  GMI offers a free lab planning service from floor plans to product specifications.

Haas Technical Education Network



The Haas Technical Education Center Network is an industry & education led initiative that enables manufacturing technology educators and their schools to acquire the latest CNC machine tools and related CNC ancillary equipment, software and educational materials. The goal is to provide students with a relevant, high tech and hands-on educational experience.

Hampden Engineering

99 Shaker Road
P.O. Box 563
East Longmeadow, MA 01028 - 0563

Phone:  (413) 525-3981
FAX:  (413) 525-4741

Hampden Engineering manufactures equipment for electricity, electronics, air conditioning and refrigeration, hydraulics/pneumatics, industrial maintenance, motor control and PLC for computer aided instruction for AC&R and motor control training programs.

Hand Tools

25 North Broadway
Tarrytown, NY

Phone:  (914) 332-0040
FAX:  (914) 332-1541

Hand Tools Institute produces materials that instruct students on the safe usage of hand tools.  These materials include booklets, charts and videos.

Harwell Enterprises

3202 Silver Fox Path
Lakeland, FL

Phone:  (863) 858-5756

Tailor-made innovative resources to improve student performance through portfolios, professional development, and technical assistance.

Health Occupations Students of America

6021 Morris Road
Suite 111
Flower Mound, TX

Phone:  (972) 874-0062
FAX:  (972) 874-0063

HOSA is a career and technical organization for students enrolled in health science technology education programs.  HOSA is a national organization for secondary and postsecondary/collegiate students that are in pursuit of an allied health career.


P.O. Box 1747
Pittsburg, KS

Phone:  (620) 231-0000
FAX:  (620) 231-1339

Hearlihy offers a complete line of drafting/CAD products, technology education modules, whole-classroom activities, family and consumer sciences curricula, and supplemental education products.

Heathkit Educational

2024 Hawthorne Avenue
St. Joseph, MI. 49085

Phone:  (269) 925-6000
FAX:  (269) 925-3895

Heathkit Educational Systems develops and distributes technical educational curriculum, courseware and hardware to academic institutions, corporations, training centers and “self-study” individuals worldwide.  Since 1926, Heathkit has enjoyed an exceptional reputation for technical engineering and product quality.

Hobart Institute
of Welding Technology

200 Trade Square East
Troy, OH

Phone:  (937) 332-5000
FAX:  (937) 332-5220

World-class welding training curriculum materials (videos, CD-ROM, student workbooks, technical guides, instructor guides, wall posters and more).  Also available is a welding instructor course.

Engineering Company

11250 Hunter Drive
Bridgeton, MO

Phone:  (314) 731-3020
FAX:  (314) 731-9930

Hunter products include the Series 811 wheel alignment system, GSP 9700 vibration control center, DSP wheel balancers, tire changers, brake lathes, computerized inspection lane systems, and automotive service training.

I Support Learning

P.O. Box 398
Olathe, KS

Phone:  (877) 828-1216
FAX:  (913) 768-9648

Through story-based curricula, they bring the interest of students to life.  Features include video game development, artificial intelligence, music video, robotics, horticulture, and landscape design.

Education Foundation

3701 Algonquin Road
Suite 400
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone:  (847) 463-5281
FAX:  (847) 590-1215
Web: www.i-car/foundation

The I-CAR Education Foundation offers products and services to attract entry-level students and prepare them for careers in the collision industry.



989 Avenue of the Americas, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10018

(212) 889-6330
(888) 528-7852 Toll Free
(212) 545-8327 Fax

Helping Industry for Over 125 years…

Ever since its founding in 1883, Industrial Press has been true to its tradition of publishing the best technical and reference books for Education and Industry

Instructional Materials

1400 Rock Quarry Center
Columbia, MO

Phone:  (573) 882-2986
FAX:  (573) 882-1992

The Instructional Materials Laboratory (IML) develops and disseminates instructional materials for career and technical education programs, including agriculture, business, career, and guidance; and industrial education instructor guides, CD-ROMS and other teaching aides.


444 East
Industrial Park Drive
Manchester, NH

Phone:  (603) 625-8600
FAX:  (603) 625-2137

Intelitek is a world-leading developer, producer and supplier of technology training systems, along with offering an extensive line of hardware and software.  Includes educational robots and CNC training systems, Intelitek offers its new expertMill and REC.

Devices LLC.

35B Wilson Drive
Sparta, NJ

Phone:  (973) 846-0074
FAX:  (973) 940)3755

Intellitronic Devices LLC is a product designer and manufacturer of Electronic and Mechanical Devices and exciting Electronics Educational Systems.

International Center
for Leadership
in Education

1587 Route 146
Rexford, NY

Phone:  (518) 399-2776

Provide customized needs assessment, planning support, and technical assistance for K-12 school improvement efforts.  Hosts the annual Model Schools Conference.  Founded by Dr. Willard R. Daggett.

Interior Concepts

18525 Trimble Court
Spring Lake, MI

Phone:  (616) 678-5550
FAX:  (616) 846-3925

Interior Concepts manufactures furniture that meets the specific needs of technology education.  They provide a lifetime warranty, custom design abilities, free space planning, and a one-inch panel system.


P.O. Box 11207
Tempe, AZ

Phone:  (480) 205-6957
FAX:  (480) 598-5278

Provide a curriculum resource called, “Out On My Own…Now What?!” , a resource for finance social skills, home skills and basic car maintenance written for young adults.

JIST Publishing Inc.

8902 Otis Avenue
Indianapolis, IN

Phone:  800) 648-5478 x1155
FAX:  (877) 454-7839

JIST Publishing, Inc. is a publisher and authority on the topics of career, job search, business and families in crisis.  The JIST staff helps people help themselves in career and life by publishing practical, self-directed products and training tools that are used in employment training, education, business, counseling, therapy, and school settings.

Johnson and Wales University

8 Abbott Park Place
Providence, RI

Phone:  (401) 598-4909
FAX:  (401) 598-4901

Johnson and Wales University offers 45 degree program in the fields of business, hospitality,
culinary arts, technology, and teacher education at campuses in Rhode Island, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina.

KP Culinary

3721 E. Sunnyside Drive
Phoeniz, AZ

Phone: (800) 701-6323 x914
FAX: (602) 485-4168

Provider of the Sous Chef™, a complete multimedia culinary arts education resource designed to be used in place of, or as a supplement to, a text-based curriculum.  It is a teaching tool that, instead of being printed, is based on Computer-DVD technology.  
The unique advantage of the Sous Chef™ system is its use of over 250 high-quality videos to teach culinary techniques and principles in an integrated system.  Go from a slide presentation to video demonstration without changing media resources.

Kelvin Electronics

280 Adams Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY

Phone;  (631) 756-1750
FAX:  (631) 756-1763

Kelvin provides innovative products for creative educators at affordable prices.  Check their website for the latest products to meet teaching goals.

Matters Inc.

85 Woodland Drive
Florence, MA

Phone:  (413) 587-9917
FAX:  (413) 584-8485

Virtual Business simulations are impacting more than 3,000 classrooms across the country. 
Learn how these technology-based business and marketing simulations allow students to explore beyond the confining walls of a classroom.

L.S. Starrett Company

121 Crescent Street
Athol, MA

Phone:  (978) 249-3551
FAX:  978) 249-8495

A manufacturer of precision measuring tools and saw blades, including micrometers, calipers, height gages, dial indicators, granite surface plates, gage blocks, optical machines, tapes, level, jigs and reciprocating and hole saw blades.

Lab-Volt Systems Inc.

P.O. 686
Farmingdale, NJ

Phone:  (732) 938-2000
FAX:  (732) 774-8573

Lab-Volt features comprehensive technology education and tech-prep programs incorporating multimedia curriculum, career exploration, and hands-on experimentation.  Tech-Design covers all areas of technology as well as family and consumer sciences; two Tech-World programs focus on pre-engineering and information technology.

Medical Corporation

167 Myers Corners Rd.
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Phone: (800) 431-1055 
Fax:  (800) 227-1143

For more than 30 years, Laerdal has been recognized as a leading supplier of basic and advanced life support training solutions and emergency medical equipment.  Laerdal is dedicated to helping save lives with products, services and system solutions for CPR Training, Airway Management, Advanced Life Support Training, Spinal Motion Restriction and Patient Simulation.

Learning Resources Inc.

1117 E. Putnam Avenue #260
Riverside, CT

Phone:  (203) 637-5047
FAX:  (203) 637-2786

Learning Resources, Inc. (LRI) was founded in 1987.   LRI’s purpose continues to be to provide high quality, proven, employer-validated programs that support the economic and workforce, development initiatives of communities.  Workforce Boards, colleges, state and employers.

Lenco  Inc.

319 West Main Street
P.O. Box 348
Jackson MO

Phone:  (573) 243-3141
FAX:  (573) 243-7122

Lenco offers the LENCO LWT-3,200 Weld Trainer.
This welding simulator is a high tech, computer-controlled unit that allows the operator or student to simulate and experience most of the conditions found in actual MIG, TIG and manual arc welding.  Upon request, the LWT-3200-1 is available in languages other than English.

Lincoln Electric

22801 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH

Phone:  (216) 481-8100
FAX:  (216) 383-8025

Lincoln Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding equipment and consumable products.  Lincoln also has a variety of educational services and products to support welding training.

Educational Publishing

939 11th Avenue South
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone:  (904) 241-1861
FAX:  (904) 241-3279

Resources for job search, careers, guidance,
life-skills, personal development and substance abuse.  Vides, DVDs, posters, books and games. 
A one-stop shop for the best and latest instructional materials.

Lippincott, Williams
& Wilkins

530 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
19106 - 3621

Phone:  (215) 521-8300
FAX:  (215) 521-8493

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is a leading international publisher of professional information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians, and students.  LWW provides online information for health care professionals in print and electronic formats, including textbooks, journals, CD ROM and via the internet.

LJ Technical Systems

85 Corporate Drive
Holtsville, NY

Phone:  (800) 237-3482
FAX:  (631)758-1788

LJ Technical Systems offers curriculum, lab equipment and staff development for certified CTE programs in business and information technology, and automotive technology, integrating key skills in math, science and communications.  All can be delivered via using computer-managed labs and the internet.

International Corp.

100 North Morain Street
Suite 302
Kenewyck, WA

Phone:  (509) 374-1951
FAX:  (509) 374-9250

Curricula and training equipment for information technology topics, digital literacy, computers, networking; internet, programming; graphic design; multimedia; database; Microsoft Office Certification A+; Network +; 1 Net +; Server +;  Security +; HTI +; Connectivity; copper/fiber cabling; and wireless networking security systems.

MarkED / Career Paths

1375 King Avenue
Columbus, OH

Phone:  (614) 486-6708

Mark-ED provides industry-validated, performance-oriented curriculum and instructional materials for entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, and work-based experiences.

Massachusetts CTE Resource Center

758 Marrett Road Lexington, MA

Phone:  (781) 863-1863 or
             (800) 356-8272

Among the many resources that MCCTE provides is a toolkit for new CTE teachers.  The new toolkit has 3 major parts: Sink or Swim; Walking the Walk; and Staying the Course.  A number of high quality books and videos are also available.

The Master Ruler

Master Innovations Inc.
P.O. Box 906
Alpha, NJ

Phone:  (908) 859-1788
FAX:  (908) 859-3141

The Master Ruler is a revolutionary, unique, creative, and effective product for teaching to measure.  “The Master Ruler” is actually several rulers in one.  It is the only ruler of its kind that makes learning to measure easy and fun.

MatchWare Inc.

605 W. Azeele Street
Tampa, FL

Phone:  (800) 880-2810
FAX:  (800) 880-2910

Mediator is a drag and drop tool for creating Flash, HTML and CD-ROMS.  ScreenCorder 4 records you desktop actions, including audio, and exports them as a video.  Open Mind combines Mind Mapping principles and interactivity to create brainstorming mind map outlines and time lines for use in projects and Web sites.

Megatech Corporation

555 Woburn Street
Tewksbury, MA

Phone:  (978) 937-9600
FAX:  (978) 453-9936

Megatech is a world leader in automotive and diesel transportation trainers.  They provide NATEF-based, fully functional training aids, including new ABS, and diesel/systems and the latest industry trainers from Ford, BMW, Subaru, and KIA.

Melior Inc.

1 Perimeter Park South
Ste 450N
Birmingham, AL

Phone:  (205) 298-8300
FAX:  (205) 970-0072

Melior Inc. provides online automotive training for career and technical education schools and technical colleges and supports ASE/NATEF online end-of-program testing.

MFASCO Health & Safety

P.O. Box 386
Roseville, MI

Phone:  (800) 221-9222
FAX:  (800) 400-5757

Safety glasses, first aid kits, gloves, welding supplies and other safety products for the classroom.

Mid-Atlantic Training
of New Jersey Inc.

143 William Street
South River, NJ

Phone:  (800) 776-8093 or
             (732) 613-8093
FAX:  (732) 254-3153

A supplier of computers and training materials to educators since 1987.  Customers have been primarily schools and government.  Mid-Atlantic provides a very high level of support.  A small company, but with two graduate engineers on staff.

Midwest Technology Product & Services

P.O. Box 3717
2600 Bridgeport Drive
Sioux City, IA

Phone:  (800) 831-5904
FAX:  (800) 285-7054

Supplying educators with quality products and services for industrial arts, career and technical education, and technology education for more than 90 years.

Mosby - Saunders / Elsevier

1600 JFK Blvd.
Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA

Phone:  (215) 239-3400
FAX:  (215) 239-3494

Mosby, Saunders, Churchill-Livingstone, Butterworth-Heinemann and Hanley-Belfus, under the umbrella of ELSEVIER, provide titles in heath care.  Visit the website and browse through the complete selection of publications, including books, periodicals and software.

Mustang Company

P.O. Box 369
Port Richey, FL

Phone:  (727) 856-6753
FAX:  (727) 857-1366

The Mustang Company markets educational training tools to professionals.


901 Jamesville Avenue
Janesville, WI

Phone:  (920) 568-5558
FAX:  (920) 563-8296

Nasco is an educational leader in health occupations, family and consumer science, and agricultural sciences.  Nasco manufactures life/form mannequins for emergency medical training and nursing skills, and life/form food replicas for nutrition education.

National Automotive
Education Foundation

101 Blue Seal Drive South East
Leesburg, VA

Phone:  (703) 669-6650
FAX:  (703) 669-6125

NATEF provides standards for the ASE certification of automotive technician training programs (automobile, collision, and truck), videos and brochures on automotive industry careers.  The NATEF mission is to develop, encourage and improve automotive technician education through the voluntary certification of training programs.

NATPL – National Association for
Tech-Prep Leadership

PO Bos 730
Watertown, SD

Phone:  (605) 882 – 5284

A professional association for those engaged in Tech-Prep leadership positions at all levels of education, business/industry, community organizations, and government.

National Career Assessment Services Inc.

210 N. 10th Street
Adel, IA

Phone:  (800) 314-8972
FAX:  (515) 993-5422

National Career Assessment Services, Inc. is the exclusive publisher of the Kuder Career Planning System.  The internet based system combines scientific-based assessments with portfolio development and data base management.  It is enhanced by the Develop Your Future curriculum.

National Center for Construction Education
& Research

P.O. Box 141104
Gainesville, FL

Phone:  (352) 334-0911 or
              (888) 622-3720
FAX:  (352) 334-0932

NCCER, a not-for-profit 501C-3 education foundation, developed and publishes the Contren Learning Series, which includes construction, maintenance, and pipeline curricula for more than 35 craft areas; industry-developed safety programs; management education programs; and a complete line of skills assessments.

National Coalition of Advanced
Technology Centers

601 Lake Air Drive
Waco, TX 76710

Phone: (708) 326-2509
FAX:  (708) 326-2511

The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is a network of higher education resources that advocates and promotes the use of technology applications that enhance economic and workforce development programs and services.

National Career Pathways Network

P.O. Box 21689
Waco, TX 76702-1689

Phone:  (800) 518-1410 x353

NCPN is a membership organization for educators and employers involved in the advancement of Career Pathways, Tech Prep, and related education reform initiatives.  NCPN assists its members in planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving secondary and post secondary transition programs by pooling the resources of the country's leading practitioners to provide a network of communication for new and existing programs.  NCPN was formerly the National Tech Prep Network (NTPN), and continues NTPN's sixteen-year legacy of providing Tech-Prep information, support, and professional development, while providing additional support and resources on Career Pathways, Career Clusters, CTE, and Programs of Study.

National Dissemination Center on
Career and Technical

1900 Kenny Road
Columbus, OH

Phone:  (614) 292-2894
FAX:  (614) 688-3258

The National Centers have project staff on hand to discuss research findings on current projects and answer questions.  The Center provides current research reports, marketing materials, the complete archived web cast schedule, and a schedule of upcoming web casts.

National FFA Organization

6060 FFA Drive
Indianapolis, IN

Phone:  (402) 742-3561
FAX:  (317) 802-5239

The National FFA Organization facilitates students’ development of leadership, personal growth and career success skills through agricultural education classes.

National Institute for
Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

3251 Old Lee Hwy.
Suite 205
Fairfax, VA

Phone:  (703) 352-4971
FAX:  (703) 352-4991

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) is an industry-led coalition that develops national skill standards for the metalworking industry.  NIMS credentials are used to certify the skills of individuals that meet the NIMS standards.  NIMS accredits’ training programs that meet its quality measures.  NIMS stakeholders represent more than 6,000 firms.

National Retired Teachers Association –
AARP’s Educator Community

601 E. St. NW
Washington, DC

Phone:  (202) 434-2390
FAX:  (202) 434-3439

NRTA: AARP’s Educator Community is America’s foremost network of members, organizations and 50 + adults with a passion and affinity for education and learning.

National Science
Foundation Centers
(NSF ATE Centers)

4110 East Wood Street
Suite 1
Phoeniz, AZ

Phone:  (480) 731-8050

The Advanced Technology Education Centers are sponsored by the National Science Foundation and provide educational resources for education in
bio-and agricultural, chemical and process, engineering environmental information, manufacturing and nano-technologies.

New Readers Press

1320 Jamesville Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone:  ((800) 448-8878
FAX:  (866) 894-2100

The New Readers Press materials are developed to the highest standards for student success.  Every element from content and instructional approaches t graphic design and illustration attends to the special needs of the intended audience.

NIDA Corporation

300 South
John Rhodes Blvd.
Melbourne, FL

Phone:  (321) 727-2265
FAX:  (321) 727-2655

NIDA supplies electronics, avionics, autotronics, telecommunication, industrial controls and computer technology curriculum, hardware and software that support classroom and advanced distributed learning applications.  NIDA Corporation technical training systems serve industry, educational, and military institutions around the globe.


Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA

Phone:  (571) 226-4660)
FAX:  (703) 288-9146

NISH is a national nonprofit agency whose mission is to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities by securing federal contracts through the Javis - Wagner O’Day (JWOD) Program for its network of community based, nonprofit agencies.

Occupational Competency Testing Institute)

500 North Bronson Ave.
Big Rapids, MI

Phone:  (231) 796-4695
FAX:  (231) 796-4699

The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) is a leading provider of high-quality occupational competency assessment products and services to secondary and post-secondary educational institutions in the United States and around the world.

Oklahoma CIMC

1500 West 7th Avenue
Stillwater, OK

Phone:  (405) 743-5590
FAX:  (405) 743-6859

Competency based educational materials in agriculture, family and consumer sciences, health occupations, trade and individual, technology education, marketing and careers.


324 Kelly Drive
Waco, TX

Phone;  (254) 741-8338

OP-TEC is the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education, an NSF-ATE National Center for Excellence, focuses on curriculum and instructional materials, assessment, faculty development, recruiting, and institutional reform.

Oracle Academy

500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA

Phone:  (505) 226-2626

The Oracle Academy is a comprehensive program that prepares students for information technology (IT) careers and provides teachers with world-class training and professional development opportunities by granting software, curriculum, and certification resources to high schools, career and technical education schools, and colleges and universities.

Paxton / Patterson

5719 W. 65th Street
Chicago, IL

Phone:  (708) 594-7270
FAX:  (708) 594-1087

Paxton / Paterson provides technology education and family and consumer sciences learning environments which help students become adept at problem solving and higher order thinking.  They stock more than 12,000 tools, supplies and related items for career and technical education programs.

PCS Edventures

345 Bob White Court
Boise, ID

Phone:  (208) 343-3110
FAX: (208) 343-1321

PCS Edventures has designed a broad range of project based hand-on enrichment programs to teach math, science, technology and more that utilize thousands of LEGO manipulatives, and an available array of science kits.


501 Boylston Street
Suite 900
Boston, MA

Phone: (617) 671-3654

Pearson publishes textbooks supported by outstanding print and technology resources.  Titles are in computer applications and computer concepts, computer arts, business, technical math, technical trades, auto CAD, health occupations, agriculture, culinary arts, hospitality, and CCNA.

Pearson Assessments

5601 North Bronson Ave.
Big Rapids, MI

Phone:  (231) 796-4695
FAX:  (231) 796-4699

Pearson Assessments provides quality career assessments to career and guidance professionals to help lead students, career changers and the unemployed to a better understanding of how they may fit into the world of work.

Pearson Prentice -  Hall Career and Technology

One Lake Street
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

Phone:  (201) 236-6586
FAX:  (201) 236-5604

Prentice Hall publishes market-leading textbooks supported by outstanding resources in print and technology.

PESCO International

21 Paulding Street
Pleasantville, NY

Phone:  (800) 431-2016
FAX:  (914) 769-2970

Visit PESCO International for the multilingual computerized assessment system incorporating dexterity units.  View JOBSKILLS, the comprehensive business and industrial skill assessment system.  Request a Career Navigator demonstration CD that can provide an occupational assessment in less than one hour.

Phillip Roy, Inc

The Roy Building
13064 Indian Rocks Rd
Largo, FL

Phone:  (800) 255-9085
FAX:  (877) 595-2685

Phillip Roy gives you the skills that make learning how to learn much easier.  Three different methods of learning are offered:  Books, CD-ROMS and Online.

Piney Mountain Press

P.O. Box 86
Cleveland, GA

Phone:  (800) 255-3127
FAX:  (800) 905-3127

For over 30 years, Piney Mountain Press, Inc. has been at the forefront of publishing career transition products.  All products are inspired by exemplary site-based projects.

Pitsco - LEGO Educational Division

P.O. Box 1708
Pittsburg, KS

Phone:  (620) 231-0000
FAX:  (620) 231-1339

LEGO Education provides standards-based, hands on science, math and technology curricula, including robotics, simple machines, structures, energy and physical science that engage and motivate students.

Pivot Point International

1560 Sherman Ave.
Evanston, IL

Phone:  (800) 886-4247
FAX:  (847) 866-7040

Providers of cosmetology and esthetics educational programs, including Salon Fundamentals and the Pivot Point Member School Program curriculum,
audio visual (VHS and DVD), and textbooks. 
Also available: Mannequins, tools and other cosmetology educational support.

Pocket Nurse

P.O. Box 9358
Pittsburgh, PA

Phone:  (412) 630-2950 x107
FAX:  (800) 763-0237

Pocket Nurse is a nurse-owned and operated company that sells quality medical supplies and equipment to health care educators nationwide.  Pocket Nurse has an inventory of more than 3,000 products from leading health care product manufactures and distributors.

Prentice Hall Publishing

445 Hutchinson Avenue Columbus, OH

Phone:  (614) 841-3744
FAX:  (614) 841-3781

As a leading publisher of academic and reference textbooks, Prentice Hall is committed to providing the most innovative, flexible and powerful educational materials available today.

Prosoft Learning Corporation / CIW

980 Myron Road
Jacksonville, FL

Phone:  (888) 776-7638
FAX:  (602) 794-4197

CIW is the leading industry recognized, vendor-neutral curriculum and certification that focuses on job skills related to the Internet, including Web site design, development, administration, security and management.


24630 Hathaway
Farmington Hills, MI  48335

Phone:  (248) 615-0800
FAX:  (248) 615-0808
Web: www.constructionzones,com

Construction Zones is a turn-key solution to teach construction / life skills in the classroom.  Workstations include hands-on work experience and come complete with curriculum, tools, equipment and supplies.  They feature the Microbot Tech Mover robots, curriculum and software.

Qwizdom Inc.

12617 Meridian East
Puyallup, WA

Phone:  (253) 845-7738
FAX:  (253) 845-1909

Engage every student, measure performance, and provide instant feedback and grading with Qwizdom’s software and wireless interactive learning system.  Present lessons, lead discussions and review using standards-based materials.

R.B. Industries /
Hawk Woodworking

P.O. Box 369
Harrisonville, MO

Phone:  (816) 884-3534
FAX:  (816) 884-2463

A supplier of woodworking tools for the classroom.


1500 First Avenue North
Suite R103
Birmingham, AL

Phone:  (205) 682-7900
FAX: (205) 682-7953

The Time MAPS Money Management & Life Skills Software makes the complex world of personal finance more understandable and enjoyable through an interactive learning environment relative to your personal life.  The prepared subject matter, interactive examples and exercises, and life simulators improve the traditional learning process and reduce comprehension time.  Subjects include life planning, money, careers, taxes, banking, budgeting, credit and debt, saving and investing, autos, home ownership, insurance, and retirement.

Rising Books

P.O. Box 1408
Conyers, GA

Phone:  (770) 761-8794
FAX:  (770) 761-9865

Providers of the Financial Literacy for Teens book, and project-based curriculum by Chad Foster, author of the best seller, Teenagers, Preparing for the Real World, read by 500,000 students.

Roland ASD

Atlantic Ocean Drive
Suite 87
Lake Forest, CA

Phone:  (888) 273-8895
FAX:  (949) 655-5655

Roland ASD develops advanced solutions for the sign making, engraving, jewelry design and CAD/CAM industries.  The Strategic Business Unit is a division of Roland DGA Corporation, an industry leader in wide format printing.

SafeKey Systems

88 Corporate Drive
Suite 2604
Toronto, ON

Phone:  (416) 279-1575
FAX:  (416) 279-0017

The New Class Digital Language Lab (DLL) provides real-time video/audio broadcast and recording capability with ease of use.  The New Class Multimedia Teaching System / computer lab control system turns computer labs into a great teaching place.

Sage Publications

2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Phone:  (805) 499-0721
FAX:  (805) 499-0871

SAGE Publications is an independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media.  Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, they are a world leader in our chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets.

Sanders Audio - Visual

P.O. Box 278
180 Hibiscus Drive
Suite 1
Edgewater, FL

Phone:  (800) 888-6021
FAX:  (386) 428-6021

Sanders features communication training simulators by OMNI-COMM.  Their products have been developed to provide a realistic atmosphere for communication training.  Sanders introduced a new line of telephone simulators for secretarial training, telemarketing, telephone medicine and basic switchboard operation.  Their popular emergency dispatch radio, 911 and computer aided dispatch simulators are available for criminal justice and protective services.

SATCO Supply

441 Old Hwy 8 NW
Suite 202
Saint Paul, MN

Phone:  (651) 604-6602
FAX:  (651) 604-6606

SATCO Supply represents more than 500 manufacturers of tools, equipment, furniture and supplies for industrial, career and technical education and technology education.  A copy of their budget-saving Tools for Schools sale catalog is available.

SAVE Corporation

P.O. Box 278
Edgewater, FL

Phone: (800) 888-4911

SAVE Corporation is the world leader in the development of communications training simulators for call taking and dispatching.  The requirement for hands on training and certification in the Emergency 911 and public safety arena has become justifiably standard in many U.S. States and Canadian providences.  With more focus being placed on homeland security and first responder's safety, secondary and technical schools nationwide are using these systems to train the next generation of emergency telecommunicators.

School Company

P.O. Box 5379
Vancouver, WA

Phone:  (800) 543-0998
FAX:  (800) 518-2514

Learning supplements for Career and Technical Education, and Life Skills Education.

SchoolDESX – SMS

P.O. Box 47066
Tulsa, OK

Phone:  (918)664-8383
FAX:  (918)665-1999

SchoolDESX - SMS is a definitive student information systems for the education industry that is robust, flexible and easy to use.  Other products include Link DESX online enrollment, and instructor access.

Shain Shop Bill

509 Hemlock Street
Phillipsburg, PA

Phone:  (800) 882-9109 x303
FAX:  (818) 342-6180

Quality instructional furniture since 1961.  Areas include tech and science labs, media and library, health care, family and consumer science, trade and shop.


P.O. Box 3000
Leesburg, VA

Phone:  (703) 777-8810
FAX:  (703) 777-8999

Skills USA is a national organization for students studying trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations.  Skills USA programs and activities provide students with leadership and professional skills for a successful school-to-work transition.  Mentoring, professional development and community service programs are core to their integrated curriculum and materials.

Simmons Associates -  The Education Company

P.O Box 4247
Sunriver, OR

Phone: (800) 294-9009

A leader in the areas of discipline, comprehensive behavior management, raising expectations, creating safe and teachable learning environments, and working effectively with parents.

Softplan Systems

8118 Isabella Lane
Brentwood, TN

Phone:  (615) 370-1121
FAX:  (615) 370-1204

Soft Plan Architectural Design Software allows instructors to focus on building techniques and design without spending the entire semester teaching a software program.  The software quickly and easily creates floor plans, elevations, cross section, 3D renderings and more.

Solid Works  Corporation

300 Baker Avenue
Concord, MA

Phone:  (978) 318-5443
FAX:  (978) 371-5088

Solid Works Corporation develops and markets software for mechanical design, analysis and product data management.  Solid Works is a supplier of 3D mechanical design software for the mainstream market.

Spectrum Industries Inc.

925 First Avenue
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Phone:  (800) 235-1262
FAX:  (800) 335-0473

A manufacturer of laptop storage carts, instructional media lecterns, seating computer lab, CAD, flat-panels, and office furniture.  Items are ergonomic, modular, durable, and have attractive design.


4241 Wood Hi Road
Victoria, TX

Phone:  (361-578-0389

The CATEMA System is an online records management and reporting system enabling career and technical education programs to manage student registration for articulated credit, advanced technical, and dual credit courses.  The CATEMA System establishes a common link between secondary and postsecondary education to maintain a “seamless transition” for student information.

Stratasys Inc. /

14950 Martin Drive
Eden Prairie, MN

Phone:  (952) 906-2237
FAX:  (952) 937-0070

Dimension brings 3D printing in-house and literally brings design ideas to life in ABS right from a desktop. It is a valuable tool that can give more control throughout the design process.

Student Paths

2595 Hamline Avenue N
Roseville, MN

Phone:  (866) 744-7104

Student Paths is a FREE program that promotes a meaningful dialogue between educators and students to help prepare students for their transition from high school to their future.

Stuppy Greenhouse
Mfg. Co.

P.O. Box 12456
1212 Clay Street
Kansas City, MO

Phone:  (800) 733-5025
FAX:  (800) 423-1512

Stuppy provides institutional/commercial greenhouses used for horticultural programs, and coverings, ventilation and heat and other related accessories.


1550 Executive Drive
Elgin, IL

Phone:  (888) 492-8817
FAX:  (888) 800-3028

Sunburst Technology develops and distributes supplemental curriculum materials for schools.  Founded in 1972, Sunburst emerged as market leader in 1983 by releasing the widely adopted Voyage of the Mimi.  Sunburst began to build a strong presence in the ed-tech market with a philosophy of creating stable and reliable programs for schools.  Focusing its business on math and instructional keyboarding programs, Sunburst is best known for the Type to Learn series and award-winning business simulation programs such as Hot Dog Stand; The Works and Ice Cream Truck.

Learning Systems

P.O. Box 1708
Pittsburg, KS

Phone:  (800) 828-5787
FAX:  (620) 231-1339

The Synergistic Systems and Pathway are innovative hands-on, minds-on, science and technology learning solutions for grades 7-12, complete with environment, assessment and multimedia-delivered, integrated curriculum.

Talent Assessment Inc.

P.O. Box 5087
Jacksonville, FL

Phone:  (800) 634-1472
FAX:  (904) 292-9371

Among the better career academic portfolio planners available, TA includes comprehensive electronic/digital planners through four years of postsecondary high school.  They can be customized for individual schools or districts.  Portfolios are trade and industry specific, with standard portfolios available for general education.  Also provided are the Career Interest Assessment, PIC-Personality Assessment, VIP-and Career Aptitude Assessment, and TAP.


248 W. 35th Street
New York, NY

Phone: (212) 868-2700
Fax: (212) 868-2947

TaskStream is the leader in delivering on-demand tools and supporting services for standards-based instruction, competency assessment and electronic portfolios for demonstrating learning achievement. From individuals to trans-national organizations, TaskStream equips learners and content providers with a flexible and affordable system for efficiently achieving diverse outcomes online.  Excellent!

Tech Ed Concepts Inc.

32 Commercial Street
Concord, NH

Phone:  (800) 338-2238
FAX:  (603) 225-7766

TEC is the North American Academic Distributor of Best “In Class” Envisioneer™ 3D Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design software, CADKEY®/ KEYCREATOR™ Mechanical CAD software, DataCAD® A/E/C software, and SURFCAM® Computer-Aided Manufacturing software. The company also offers Z Corp. 3D Printers, LaserPro® Laser Engravers, and TEC Cutting Edge Milling and Turning Centers all specifically designed to teach manufacturing, and pre-engineering programs with an emphasis on real-world industrial production and manufacturing.


2101 Jericho Turnpike
P.O. Box 5416
New Hyde Park, NY 11042 - 5416

Phone:  (516) 328-3970
FAX:  (516) 358-2576

TECNO provides the Techno, DaVinci, and LC Series computerized routers.  Over 10,400 have been installed worldwide in industry and education.  A complete range of 15 work centers, starting with a 10” x 12” work area to 69” x 144”.  C02 and Aerodynamics Curriculums are available.

Teknimedia Corporation

4905 Del Ray Avenue Suite 307
Bethesda, MD

Phone:  (888) 210-0899
FAX:  (719) 260-6010

Help students and teachers prepare for IC-3 certification with PCIC3-Getting Ready for IC3.  Approved by Certiport, PCIC3 covers 100 percent of the IC-3 exam objectives and teaches basic computer and internet skills to novice trough intermediate-level computer users.

Texas Instruments

P.O. Box 650311
M/S 3919
Dallas, TX

Phone:  (972) 917-0578

TI’s research-based educational technology, professional development, and curricular materials are designed for effective instruction and improved student learning in math and science.

The Ocean Corporation

10840 Rockley Road
Houston, TX

Phone:  (281) 530-0202
FAX:  (603) 225-7766

Careers in the disciplines of commercial diving, non-destructive testing, diver medic training, and remotely operated vehicles for students nationally and internationally.  The Ocean Corporation has been serving educational needs since 1969.

Media-Key Train

340 Frazier Avenue
Chattanooga, TN

Phone:  (432) 266-2244

KeyTrain® is the complete interactive training system for the WorkKeys® basic workplace skills.  KeyTrain provides a comprehensive learning system for common skills required by all jobs, based on ACT's WorkKeys® employment system.

Thomas Course

25 Thomson Place
Boston, MA

Phone:  (617) 757-8178
FAX:  (617) 757-7959

Thomas Course Technology is a publisher of dynamic and innovative text books in technology-related disciplines to help teachers and students expand their interest in and understanding of current and emergent technologies.  One of their newest offerings is a series of eight colorful texts for middle school students.
Each book is a single application, among which are introduction to computers, word processing, and spreadsheets.  Written by a middle school teacher, the “Spotlight on Technology” series provides middle school students with a hands-on learning experience that enables them to understand and perform tasks, while also serving as a reference tool later.

Thomson Learning / Delmar Learning

5 Maxwell Drive
Clifton Park, NY

Phone:  (800) 998-7498
FAX:  (518) 373-6200

Thomson Delmar Learning provides learning solutions to boost careers, augment curriculum, improve training courses, or master new skills.

South - Western

5191 Natorp Blvd.
Mason, OH

Phone:  (800) 543-0487
FAX:  (513) 229-1019

Thomson South-Western offers print, online and technology solutions for the K-12, postsecondary and professional markets.  They meet the needs of learners, instructors and trainers in the area of business, office technology, career readiness, communications, economics, keyboarding and computer applications.

Technical Education

404 N. Washington Blvd.
Mundelein, IL

Phone:  (847) 566-7400
FAX:  (847) 566-7400

Hands-on application-oriented equipment for comprehensive technical training in the areas of power technology, controls, and industrial automation.  Skill development is offered in electricity/electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanisms, PLC’s, robotics, motor controls, sensors, and manufacturing systems.

Today’s Class

1 Perimeter Park South
Suite 450N
Birmingham, AL

Phone:  (205) 298-8300

Online automotive training.

Total Teaching Solutions

12929 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX

Phone:  (281) 922-4166
FAX:  (281) 922-4778

Total Seminars has been writing books, developing training materials, and teaching computer courses since 1995.  They offer best-selling books on A+, Network+, and other computer industry certifications; and train thousands of corporate and government PC and network technicians.

Turning Technologies

241 Federal Plaza West
Youngstown, OH

Phone:  (330) 746-3015
FAX:  (330) 746-6863

Turning Technolgies provides the Student Response Card Assessment Software delivered via Microsoft PowerPoint.  Teachers present questions using PowerPoint slides.  Students use response cards to select an answer.  Results are immediately displayed on PowerPoint slide for discussion and grading.

U. S. Army Recruiting

Bldg. 1307
1307 3rd Avenue
Fort Knox, KY

Phone:  (502) 626-0471
FAX:  (502) 626-0924

The United States Army Recruiting Command provides information on educational and career opportunities available to young men and women.

U. S. Department
of Education

Potomac Center Plaza
550 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC

Phone:  (202) 245-7790
FAX:  (202) 245-7170

The United States Department of Education site, with an array of resources and current information on the status and future of education in the USA.


ASVAB Career Exploration Program
2834 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL
60064 - 3094

Phone:  (847) 688-3680 x7507
FAX:  (847) 688-4579

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program assists high school and postsecondary students with career decisions.  This free program includes multi-aptitude assessment battery and interest inventory.  Students explore career information matching their interests, ability and preferences.

U. S. Navy Recruiting


Phone:  (800) USA-NAVY

The U.S. Navy can put the recruit in command of cutting-edge technology, advanced systems, billions of dollars in aviation, submarine and surface ship equipment.

Universal Laser Systems

16008 N 81st Street
Scottsdale, AZ

Phone:  (480) 483-1214
FAX:  (480) 483-5620

Universal Laser Systems manufactures affordable CO2 laser engraving, cutting and marketing systems.  The laser systems are computer-controlled and can accommodate a wide variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, rubber, fabric and leather.

The University of Northwestern Ohio

1441 N. Cable Road
Lima, OH

Phone:  (419) 998-3120
FAX:  (419) 229-6926

The University of Northwestern Ohio is a leader in high-performance automotive, diesel, agriculture, alternate fuels, and HVAC/R.

University of Wisconsin – Wisconsin Careers

1025 W. Johnson Street
Room 1263
Madison, WI

Phone:  (800) 442-4612

Wisconsin Careers has been a national leader for over 30 years providing high-quality career development products with a focus on Career Clusters.  Go to their website for a free trial of their CareerLocker online comprehensive career development tool.

Valley City
State University

101 College Street SW
Valley City, ND

Phone:  (800) 532-8641
FAX:  (701) 845-7110

VCSU offers bachelors and master’s degree programs in education in both distance (online) and on-campus formats.  Designed for primary and secondary level educators, available fields of study include technology education, and “teaching and technology”.

Varitronics / Brady

6835 Winnetka Circle
Brooklyn Park, MN

Phone:  (800) 328-0585
FAX:  (800) 543-8966

Varitronics provides PosterPrinter systems, laminators, display systems, and other media products to schools that enrich curriculum and inspire students to achieve.

Vernier Software

13979 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR

Phone:  (503) 277-2299
FAX:  (503) 277-2440

Vernier has been helping teachers collect and analyze scientific data since 1981.  Venier can enhance your agricultural program with technology that uses computers, TI graphing calculators, or Palm OS handhelds to monitor pH, temperature, salinity and more.


12835 Bel-Red Road
Suite 212
Bellevue, WA

Phone:  (800) 220-4409 or
(425) 455-9921
FAX:  (425) 454-7264

VERTEK develops, publishes, and supports software for use by professionals who use occupational, labor market, employment and training information in the delivery of their services.  Many state and federal agencies, career consultants, insurers, placement specialists, job developers, health care providers, career and technical education experts and others use OASYS Job-Match, Enhanced Job Analyzer, and the OccuBrowse software.

VMS Inc.

805 Airway Drive
Allegan, MI

Phone:  (269) 673-2200
FAX:  (269) 673-9509

Textbooks, videos and software from one of America’s leading producers.  Products are available for every CTE area.

Research Institute

1528 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Phone:  (800) 874-5387
FAX:  (215) 875-0198

The non-profit Vocational Research Institute has been a leader in the fields of special needs assessment and career development for over 40 years, with a full range of solutions, including:
CareerScope - A valid and reliable aptitude / interest assessment with accommodations for individuals with special needs.
SISTEM – An interactive job-readiness curriculum that addresses a broad range of employer-demanded skills.
WorkPlace Mentor - A comprehensive community-based employment planning system for consumers with special needs or limited work histories.
ES-TIP - A multimedia employability skills curriculum that helps build self-esteem, work ethics and workplace success.

Association of
Colleges and Schools

1866 Southern Lane
Decatur, GA
30033 - 4097

Phone:  (800) 248-7701 x544
FAX:  (404) 679-4097

VTECS features new versions of the VTEC DIRECT software, a powerful software system for managing Career Clusters Information, complete with occupational analysis outcomes, skill standards, instructional elements, workplace skills and criterion-referenced test items; and VTECS CONNECT, which manages work-based training agreements and training plans.

Wintergreen Systems

2510 Sterling Avenue
Elkhart, IN

Phone:  (800) 763-8239
FAX:  (574) 295-9380

Wintergreen Systems was founded in 1990 and has been serving small businesses, consumers and schools ever since.  Wintergreen Systems carries a wide selection of computers, components, and peripherals.  All systems can be built to order and carry a one year warranty.

Work Ready Electronics

2323 W. 14th Street
Suite 540
Tempe, AZ

Phone:  (480) 517-8650
FAX:  (480) 517-8669

Work Ready Electronics provides web-based instruction in electronics.  The modules address topics, knowledge and skills that have not been sufficiently covered by the most popular electronics textbooks, but are considered essential to technicians in today’s electronics industry.