Manufacturing Day 2017 at Over 2617 locations around the U.S.

Manufacturing Day is a growing grassroots movement of manufacturers dedicated to overcoming the shared challenges facing manufacturers today. The most pressing issue is a gap in skilled labor. 80 percent of manufacturers cannot find the skilled workers they need. This gap continues to widen. Manufacturers’ ability to address this issue has been hindered by the public perception that careers in manufacturing are undesirable and by the lack of sufficient preparatory education. Both of these problems stem from a lack of understanding of present-day manufacturing environments, which are highly technical. Manufacturing environments, which include highly trained, well-paid employees who work on state-of-the-art equipment, are commonly thought of as antiquated factories designed for low-skilled workers. Manufacturing Day addresses this misperception by giving all manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, exactly what manufacturing is.


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REALITY VS. PERCEPTION: Often, when we think of manufacturing, we think of how it was in the

Industrial Revolution, but that’s not what manufacturing is today. Now,

manufacturing uses technology and robotics—it’s clean, safe, and

innovative. Additionally, while there is a lot of talk about manufacturing jobs moving

overseas, there are many manufacturing companies who have stayed and

will continue to stay in the United States. The reasons are many, including

being able to better manage intellectual property and quality control—things

that affect the overall cost. Today’s manufacturing jobs are all about being

innovative and creative to meet consumer needs


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