•13,506 school district governments
•178 state-dependent school systems
•1,330 local-dependent school systems
•1,196 education service agencies (agencies providing support services to public school systems)


Rank School district State Students
1 New York City Department of Education New York 1,042,277
2 Los Angeles Unified School District California 694,288
3 Chicago Public Schools Illinois 413,694
4 Miami-Dade County Public Schools Florida 353,790
5 Clark County School District Nevada 303,448
6 Broward County Public Schools Florida 262,813
7 Houston Independent School District Texas 202,936
8 Hillsborough County Public Schools Florida 193,517
9 Hawaiʻi Department of Education Hawaii 180,728
10 School District of Philadelphia Pennsylvania 178,241
11 Fairfax County Public Schools Virginia 177,629
12 Orange County Public Schools Florida 175,245
13 School District of Palm Beach County Florida 171,431
14 Dallas Independent School District Texas 159,144
15 Duval County Public Schools Florida 155,000+
16 Gwinnett County Public Schools Georgia 152,043
17 Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland 137,814
18 Prince George's County Public Schools Maryland 131,014
19 San Diego City Schools California 130,983
20 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools North Carolina 128,789
21 Wake County Public School System North Carolina 128,748
22 Detroit Public Schools Michigan 117,609
23 Memphis City Schools Tennessee 117,349
24 Pinellas County Schools Florida 109,915
25 Cobb County School District Georgia 107,274
26 Baltimore County Public Schools Maryland 105,839
27 DeKalb County School System Georgia 101,396
28 Albuquerque Public Schools New Mexico 95,493
29 Polk County Public Schools Florida 92,801
30 Jefferson County Public Schools Kentucky 92,659
31 Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Texas 92,135
32 Long Beach Unified School District California 90,663
33 Milwaukee Public Schools Wisconsin 89,912
34 Jefferson County Public Schools Colorado 86,154
35 Baltimore City Public School System Maryland 84,515
36 Fulton County School System Georgia 83,861
37 Northside Independent School District Texas 82,587
38 Austin Independent School District Texas 82,140
39 Fort Worth Independent School District Texas 79,457
40 School District of Lee County Florida 78,981
41 Jordan School District Utah 78,299
42 Fresno Unified School District California 77,555
43 Brevard Public Schools Florida 74,785
44 Mesa Public Schools Arizona 74,128
45 Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Tennessee 73,731
46 Anne Arundel County Public Schools Maryland 73,066
47 Denver Public Schools Colorado 72,561
48 Virginia Beach City Public Schools Virginia 72,538
49 Guilford County Schools North Carolina 71,722
50 Prince William County Public Schools Virginia 70,948
51 Greenville County School District South Carolina 67,537
52 Granite School District Utah 67,502
53 Fort Bend Independent School District Texas 67,014
54 Seminole County Public Schools Florida 66,351
55 Volusia County Schools Florida 65,867
56 Mobile County Public School System Alabama 65,097
57 Washoe County School District Nevada 64,954
58 Pasco County Schools Florida 64,689
59 Arlington Independent School District Texas 63,082
60 El Paso Independent School District Texas 62,857
61 Davis School District Utah 62,193
62 Elk Grove Unified School District California 61,881
63 North East Independent School District Texas 61,255
64 Tucson Unified School District Arizona 60,333
65 Knox County Schools Tennessee 59,663
66 Aldine Independent School District Texas 58,831
67 Chesterfield County Public Schools Virginia 58,455
68 San Bernardino City Unified School District California 57,398
69 Santa Ana Unified School District California 57,286
70 Garland Independent School District Texas 56,955
71 District of Columbia Public Schools District of Columbia 56,943
72 Alpine School District Utah 56,460
73 Boston Public Schools Massachusetts 56,388
74 San Francisco Unified School District California 56,183
75 Columbus City Schools Ohio 56,003
76 Cleveland Metropolitan School District Ohio 55,593
77 San Antonio Independent School District Texas 55,406
78 Cumberland County Schools North Carolina 53,621
79 Plano Independent School District Texas 52,997
80 Clayton County Public Schools Georgia 52,533
81 School District of Osceola County, Florida Florida 52,012
82 Capistrano Unified School District California 51,512
83 Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools North Carolina 51,325
84 Katy Independent School District Texas 51,201
85 Atlanta Public Schools Georgia 50,631
86 Loudoun County Public Schools Virginia 50,383
87 Douglas County School District RE-1 Colorado 50,370
88 Corona-Norco Unified School District California 49,865
89 Pasadena Independent School District Texas 49,851
90 Cherry Creek School District Colorado 49,684
91 Sacramento City Unified School District California 49,355
92 Anchorage School District Alaska 49,230
93 East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools Louisiana 49,197
94 Lewisville Independent School District Texas 49,060
95 Howard County Public Schools Maryland 49,048
96 Garden Grove Unified School District California 48,802
97 Brownsville Independent School District Texas 48,334
98 San Juan Unified School District California 47,862
99 Henrico County Public Schools Virginia 47,680
100 Shelby County Schools Tennessee 47,126



These terms may not appear in a district's name, even though the condition may apply.

  • A unified school district includes elementary and secondary (middle school and high school) educational levels.
  • The word central in a district's name indicates that there is one central administration that oversees the entire district.
  • The word free in a district's name indicates that no tuition is charged to attend district schools. In New York, it is used in conjunction with union to indicate a district composed of multiple, formerly independent common school districts now free of restrictions placed on New York State's common school districts.
  • The word union or consolidated in a district's name indicates that it was formed from two or more districts.
  • The word joint in a district's name indicates that it includes territory from more than one county.
  • The word independent can have different meanings, depending on the state.
    • Kentucky — Here, "Independent" districts are separate from county districts, the standard form of school district in the state. If a county has no independent district, its school district boundaries coincide exactly with its borders. As of 2007, the state has 54 independent districts scattered throughout the state, with major concentrations in Northern Kentucky and the Eastern Coal Fields region. These districts are generally associated with a city, or sometimes with a cluster of adjoining cities. Unlike county districts, independent districts can cross county lines, as in the Caverna Independent Schools centered on Cave City and Horse Cave and the Corbin Independent Schools. Note that some districts in the state are independent despite not having "Independent" in their official name, as in the Owensboro Public Schools and Paducah Public Schools.
    • Minnesota — Per Minnesota Statue 120A.05, "Independent" denotes any school district validly created and existing as an independent, consolidated, joint independent, county or a ten or more township district as of July 1, 1957, or pursuant to the Education Code.[2]
    • Texas — Here, "Independent" denotes that the district is separate from any county- or municipal-level entity. All of the state's school districts, with only one exception (Stafford Municipal School District), are independent of any municipal or county control. Moreover, school district boundaries rarely coincide with municipal limits or county lines. Most districts use the term "Independent School District" in their name; in the few cases where the term "Common School District" is used the district is still an independent governmental entity.
  • In Ohio, school districts are classified as either city school districts, exempted village school districts, or local school districts. City and exempted village school districts are exempted from county boards of education, while local school districts remain under county school board supervision. School districts may combine resources to form a fourth type of school district, the joint vocational school district, which focuses on a technical skills–based curriculum.[3]
  • In Michigan there are Intermediate School Districts (ISD), Regional Education Service Districts (RESD), or Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA) largely at the county level. The local schools districts run the schools and most programs, but often bi-lingual aides, programs for the deaf and blind, special education for the severely impaired, and career and technical education programs are run by the Intermediate School District or equivalent.